‘Better without EU!’ Brexit U-turn to save economy rubbished by reader

Iain Duncan Smith says Tories must deliver on promise of Brexit

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Brexit should not be renegotiated to help save the “doomed” economy, a new poll of Express.co.uk readers has found. Tory Remainer Guy Hands warned that Britain is on the path to becoming the “sick man of Europe”.

The founder and chair of the private equity firm Terra Firma, claimed that the Brexit deal needed to be renegotiated as it is “completely hopeless” and has left the economy “frankly doomed”.

He told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme on Monday, October 24: “British people didn’t want and didn’t vote for [former Prime Minister Liz] Truss’ extremist hard Thatcherite Brexit.”

His comments were made ahead of Rishi Sunak becoming Prime Minister and he called for the Government to “move on from fighting its own internal wars and actually focus on what needs to be done in the economy”.

Mr Hands added that Britain was heading towards “steadily increasing taxes, steadily reducing benefits and social services, higher interest rates and eventually the need for a bailout from the IMF [International Monetary Fund] like we [had] in the Seventies”.

In response, Express.co.uk ran a poll from 2:30pm on Wednesday, October 26, to 4:30pm on Thursday, October 27, Express.co.uk asking readers: “Should the UK renegotiate Brexit to save ‘doomed’ economy?”

Overall, 6,183 votes were cast with the vast majority, 86 percent (5,340 people) responding “no”, Brexit should not be renegotiated.

A further 13 percent (816 people) said “yes” Brexit should be renegotiated, while just 27 people said they did not know.

In the thousand comments left below the accompanying article, readers participated in a lively debate on Brexit’s influence on the economy.

Many readers argued that the Brexit deal should not be renegotiated as it is not related to the current economic situation, with username onion writing: “Brexit has absolutely nothing to do with the economy.”

Username kevinshw said: “The EU have NO benefit to our financial situation, in fact, they would make it worse by wanting more support from the UK.”

Another, username faraway27, said: “Why would it save the economy? The world is in the same boat! The world’s economies are all suffering free-fall since the pandemic and all have to pay not just the UK. This is another sly underhand notion to try and reverse Brexit.

While username Virago wrote:: “Our economy isn’t doomed, we are better if in many ways than the EU. We didn’t leave for the economy in any case. We left to take back control and rely on ourselves not 27 other nations with different agendas.”


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However, other readers agreed with Mr Hands that Brexit should be renegotiated to save the economy.

Username Lelly said: “We have to if we possibly can. Brexit is an economic disaster. Soon Covid and the war in Ukraine will not be able to hide it and we will be forced to deal with how badly Brexit is preventing us from moving forward out of the economic crises.”

Username Alfred E said: “Brexit is a disaster. Until this is discussed openly in a grown-up way there is no way to mitigate its effects.”

While username The taxilady said: “Yes. Scrap the deal altogether.”

Mr Hands, also told the i this week that Mr Sunak should admit that the Brexit negotiations were been a “complete disaster”.

He said: “It is going to take Rishi to be very, very brave, to be willing to tell the truth to the electorate and admit that they were lied to about Brexit, which was really about introducing a radical libertarian right-wing agenda and little else.”

Three years since Britain left the bloc the Northern Ireland Protocol is still unresolved. Ms Truss reopened talks with Brussels before her resignation, and Mr Sunak has previously criticised the controversial protocol.

Leader of the DUP, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson, urged Mr Sunak to scrap the Protocol to restore power-sharing. He said: “The Protocol is incompatible with the restoration of devolved Government in Northern Ireland – if the prime minister wants to see a fully functioning Stormont, then he must deal with it once and for all.”

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