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PM Rishi Sunak grilled on Daily Star lettuce as Starmer demands General Election

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has given the infamous Daily Star 60p lettuce – which outlasted former Prime Minister Liz Truss – a shout at at Prime Minister's Questions.

And he did it in order to call for a General Election.

The lettuce became a world-wide talking point after we streamed it live on social media over seven days, and watching in glee as it outlasted the former disastrous wet lettuce of a Prime Minister last week.

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And so infamous has it now become, that Sir Keir brought it up during his first PMQs battle with new Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.

He said: “Even his own side know that he's not on the side of working people.

“That's why the only time he ran in a competitive election, he got trounced by the former Prime Minister, who herself got beaten by a lettuce!

"Why doesn't he put it to the test, let working people have their say and call a general election?"

Sunak didn't respond to the lettuce jibe – or the General Election call – however.

But the mention went down well on social media, with lettuce puns all-round.

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Labour MP Chris Elmore called it a “gem” of a question, while journalist Duncan Lindsay tweeted: “Lots of laughter and jubilation on the Tory benches, hoping that the public will forget about what they have done over the last year and beyond.

“They won't, no matter how more eloquent one can be than a lettuce.”

And the Guardian's deputy political editor posted: “This PMQs is like a greatest hits, Jeremy Corbyn, overturning Brexit, non dom wife, beaten by a lettuce.”

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The word “lettuce” quickly began trending, as everyone recalled the halcyon days of the green vegetable beating a former Prime Minister – and technically the current one, too.

This prompted Labour MP Charlotte Nicholls to tweet: “Bring back the lettuce.”

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