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Putin’s Chechen warlord ‘gifted’ three Ukrainians as ‘slaves’ by his teenage son

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    Chechen Republic leader Ramzan Kadyrov, one of Vladimir Putin’s chief henchmen, is shown in a new video apparently accepting a gift of three Ukrainian POWs as slaves.

    The shocking clip, posted by London-based risk analyst Alex Kokcharov, shows the Chechen leader accepting the "slaves".

    In the video, the three men – identified by Kokcharov as Ukrainian POWs – have their hands tied behind their backs and have hoods pulled over their heads as they’re marched at gunpoint towards Kadyrov’s home.

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    As the men stand, bent almost double with Russian soldiers holding them at gunpoint, Kadyrov’s 16-year-old son Ahmad presents them to his father as slaves.

    Kadyrov boasted on Telegram that his sons Ahmad, 16, Eli, 15, and Adam, 14, "visited the frontline, where fierce battles with Ukrainian nationalists are currently taking place”.

    He added the three boys "made their way close to the enemy positions and provided fire cover to advancing fighters”.

    He posted video clips which appeared to show the teenagers firing and posing with weapons in the combat zone.

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    "I always believed that the main goal of any father is to instil religious devotion in his sons and teach them to protect the family, the people, and the Fatherland,” he wrote. “It’s time to show themselves in a real fight, and this is their desire, I only welcome [it]."

    Kadyrov maintains the conflict in Ukraine is entering a new phase, where “everything will be different”.

    "Military command and energy facilities of Ukraine are subjected to targeted attacks," he said on his Telegram channel.

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    "We warned the criminal leadership, which settled in Kyiv, for too long that we had not yet taken concrete measures in the course of the ['special military operation']."

    "Russia has repeatedly given a chance to the command of the Satanists to come to their senses,” Kadyrov wrote.

    “But we were not heard or ignored. Now everything will be different. Then we will dictate the terms”.


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