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Russia’s defensive lines led by convicts, intercepted call show

Russian man says 'your own will shoot you' on intercepted call

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A leaked phone call from a Russian soldier has revealed the dire state of Russia’s frontline defenses in Ukraine. During a call home, the soldier described convicts being used to defend positions while they are guarded by troops in the second line, who will “shoot any who run back.”

The soldier said: “So, the boys called your damn committee.

“They said, we’re not in Ukraine, can you believe this? We’re ‘on exercises.'”

The female interlocutor said: “Damn, yes, we know. But we wrote to all departments, no one cares!”

He said: “They didn’t send you the corpses either, and unlikely to send in the nearest future.”

She asked: “Didn’t send what?”

The soldier said: “The dead, And there’s loads of them: both from Lebedyansky [District], and from Lipetsk.”

The interlocutor cut in: “Damn. Igoryok phones, he said you have nothing to eat.”

He explained: “There isn’t, I agree, there’s no food at all. Those who have not money, eat the f*cking sprouted grain from fields.”

Putin 'using aggressive rhetoric' to scare the West says expert

“And they brought to us convicts from prisons…

“They were taken somewhere far in front. And we’re sat here like barrier troops. If someone runs back, we will kill them.

“What a horror.”

Putin launched a partial mobilisation in September, with reports emerging suggesting the Army has resorted to recruiting volunteers from prison to prop up numbers in Ukraine.

But despite attempts to push back against Ukraine’s counter-offensive, Moscow has seemingly been unable to keep hold of several areas invaded earlier in the year.

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Russia attacked Ukrainian cities with drones on Monday, killing at least four people in an apartment building in downtown Kyiv during morning rush hour, and targeted infrastructure across the country in the second wave of air strikes in a week.

Ukrainian soldiers fired into the air trying to shoot down the drones after blasts rocked central Kyiv.

An anti-aircraft rocket could be seen streaking into the morning sky, followed by an explosion and orange flames, as residents raced for shelter.

A pregnant woman was among four people killed in the attack on the residential building, Kyiv mayor Vitali Klitschko said.

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