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Passenger train crash into broken down bus at rail crossing

Nottingham: CCTV footage shows shocking incidents on train tracks

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Footage emerged online showing the NS-operated train smashing through the broken-down bus as the driver awaited for technical support inside. The video shows the train ploughing through the bus at high speed, resulting in the near-total destruction of the rear of the vehicle. The bus could be seen being torn in half within seconds of the train making contact.

Local authorities reported the driver was checked over by an ambulance crew but was unhurt.

There were no passengers on board the bus at the time of the collision.

The accident took place in Bergen op Zoom, 30km north of Antwerp, the Netherlands, at 10am (9am BST) on Monday.

A spokesman for the local safety council said: “Thank goodness the bus was empty apart from the driver.”

Police and safety officials have now launched an investigation to ascertain why the bus was still on the crossing when the barriers came down.

Operator NS warned passengers to expect delays of up to 60 minutes between Bergen op Zoom and Vlissingen as debris from the accident are removed and the scene cleared.


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