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Russia in ‘big trouble’ as Putin’s Ukraine war plan crumbles

Russia armoured vehicles convoy wiped out by Ukrainian attack

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Russia has been warned it is in “big trouble” with the war in Ukraine, as Vladimir Putin’s battlefield plan is torn apart by a veteran British Army commanding officer. Putin’s troops have left a path of destruction after the Russian President gave orders to tens of thousands of them amassed on the Ukraine border to begin their invasion on February 24. But the Russian Army has suffered a series of huge setbacks, and over recent weeks has found itself pushed back out of key territories thanks to heroic counteroffensive operations from Ukrainian troops.

Tens of thousands of Russian troops have reportedly been killed or gravely injured, with personnel quickly dwindling and Putin’s mobilisation plan hitting the buffers.

Colonel Richard Kemp, retired British Army commanding officer who served from 1977 to 2006, has exposed Russia’s huge problems in the war with Ukraine, warning there is growing “discontent” – both on the battlefield and at home.

He told “Russia is in big trouble because Ukraine has been making serious advances in both the northeast and in the south. Russia does not seem to be capable and have enough troops to resist Ukraine’s advances at present.

“When you combine this with the botched mobilisation, you are seeing much greater discontent there as a result of what is happening on the battlefield and also at home.”

“We’re also seeing some of Russia’s allies seriously doubting what Russia is doing and, in some cases, distancing themselves from Russia.

Putin has a very big problem on his hands which probably won’t be remedied immediately by the mobilisation he is making. Those forces won’t be deployed quickly enough or in a good enough state to make a big difference.”

Colonel Kemp, whose assignments included the command of Operation Fingal in Afghanistan from July to November 2003, also warned some of Putin’s strongest global allies are starting to cast huge doubt over his war plan.

Most recently, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan summoned Putin for a crunch meeting in Kazakhstan as patience continues to wear thin over the Russian President’s war plans in Ukraine.

Last month, Putin acknowledged China’s “concern” over the war in Ukraine, in what was his first face-to-face talks with President Xi Jinping since the Russian invasion began nearly eight months ago.

Colonel Kemp said: “Putin’s global allies and partners are also starting to lose confidence and faith in his war plan, and that will become a very big problem for him.

“For the first time, we have seen criticism and uncertainty from the likes of China, India and Turkey – three countries he really needs to have on side to an extent.

“We have seen dissent from the leaders of each of those counties over the past few weeks, as well as very important allies such as Kazakhstan – a former Soviet state which has always been very close to Russia – is now distancing themselves from Russia.”

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Earlier this week, Putin was warned by another leading British Army officer his crumbling Russian army is facing a “decisive rout” and is edging closer to total “collapse”, with morale among troops now “gone”.

Russia unleashed a barrage of missile on several Ukrainian cities last Monday as part of a furious reaction for the bombing of its prized bridge in Crimea.

The attacks killed and injured scores of civilians but despite this, General Sir Richard Shirreff, who served as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Europe for the alliance, is confident Putin’s army is heading for disastrous end.

He told The Sun Online: “I think the scene is being set for a decisive rout of the Russian Army in Ukraine. The scene is setting for a collapse of the Russian army.

“This could be an avalanche, and we are now seeing the cracks in the in the snow. The Ukrainians are creating more problems than the Russians are capable of solving. It’s looking good.”

General Shireff added: “The [Russian] morale has gone. You’ve got soldiers who simply don’t want to fight – these guys were told they would be welcomed with open arms by cheering crowds and the so-called ‘Ukrainian Nazis’ would collapse.

“But they were met by a ferocious resistance, they are in a country that doesn’t want them there. Why should they die for Putin’s adventure?

“Conceptually the Russians do not understand combined arms warfare, they haven’t trained properly, physically they haven’t got the right kit and what they do have is rubbish, and morally they are completely bankrupt.”

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