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Tourist ‘kidnapped in Cancun’ by armed men who ‘hacked his foot off’

A tourist holidaying in Cancun, Mexico claims he was mugged and kidnapped by armed men who later hacked his foot off.

Dustan Jackson and his wife were set to fly back to the US in a matter of hours when he decided to get in a taxi to go buy some chewing tobacco.

He said the driver took him to a nearby petrol station, and when there turned out to be none there the driver suggested they go to a grocery store.

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When he stepped out of the car he says he was attacked.

Speaking on the Fox 11 News show he said: "I'll never forget that feeling. It was the scariest feeling in the entire world.

"I get out, and I'm like ‘Ok,’ and then as I'm walking in it's boom, lights out and the next thing I know I'm waking up in a ditch."

Dustan claims that a group of men armed with a machete then attacked him, using the huge knife to hack at his foot.

He continued: "They went to cut my Achilles tendon, and they missed and instead of hitting it, they hit the bottom of my foot and then my foot just flapped around.

"They were trying to cut all my tendons and leave me for dead."

Dustan doesn't speak Spanish so spent the next few hours hobbling around in the dark.

He said at one point that police even turned him away.

Eventually, he said he crawled under a tarpaulin to die.

"I don't know what kind of power it is when they talk about the mental strength that you have as a human being, because at this point however long I was laying there, pretty much just waiting to die, something inside of me, that strength came to me and said ‘You’ve got family, you've got kids. Get up'," he said.

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After forcing himself to his feet, Dustan says he came across a female police officer who eventually got him back to the airport.

He's now had four surgeries to repair the damage done to his foot and shoulder during the brutal attack.

"I take the little times in life, I don't take them for granted anymore," he said.

"You just don't know what life is going to bring you so never give up. Keep going. Everybody has a purpose."


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