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Ukraine MP: Putin ‘is under heavy criticism even in Russia’ as ‘dis…

Putin 'is under heavy criticism even in Russia' says Alexander Khara

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Mr Khara claimed that Putin had lost the war in Ukraine strategically. The former defence advisor explained that even under heavy censorship in Russia, Putin was still facing criticism. Mr Khara claimed that Putin was trying to break Ukraine’s will but it wasn’t going to work. And went on to vow that Ukraine would not give up despite the ongoing Russian onslaught.

Mr Khara told Times Radio: “First and foremost, Mr Putin has lost strategically this war.

“And he is under heavy criticism even in Russia, where there is censorship on everything being said.

“There is a growing dissatisfaction of those fascists, the Russian forces, and the Russian orcs that he’s waging this war in more subtle ways than he should have done.

“So he tried to police it, secondly he is trying to break Ukrainian’s will to resist and just said it’s not going to work.

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Mr Khara added: “Our president and I agree completely with him and a lot of my friends with him that Ukraine is not going to give up.

“Only for several hours yesterday during this attack the Ukrainians collected some $6 million of donations for UAEs and some other equipment for armed forces.”

Due to Russia’s bombardment of missiles during an attack on Kyiv and Zaporizhzhia yesterday, G7 leaders have come together today for a virtual meeting to discuss Russia’s actions.

And Western leaders will also be coming together to discuss support for Ukraine.

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Putin under pressure amid 'power vacuum in Kremlin' says expert

NATO-aligned countries have been offering ongoing support to Ukraine since the start of the Russian onslaught in February.

Ukraine has been gifted top-of-the-range weapons systems in order to push back on Russian advancements.

Germany, America and Britain have also been training Ukrainian troops for battle.

Leaders in the West have been condemning Putin’s latest attacks in Zaporizhiza and Kyiv.

Former US Marine John Sennett discussed the horror of Putin’s bombardment which struck the civilian populations of Ukraine yesterday.

Mr Sennett told “They hit when I was just out with coming out with the dog at around eight-ish, 8.05 am.

“The ground shook but the ground has shaken before and I was like, ‘Well, they probably didn’t hit anywhere close to us’.

“So we went towards our normal path, which takes us up to Taras Shevchenko Boulevard. I saw a bunch of people running that way and thought ‘oh what’s this?’ And when I got up there, I saw that it had hit right on the route where I usually take the dog, either me or the wife, today it was my day. And so I walked as close as I could get and saw the damage.

“There was one car which I assumed had bodies in it and they had put some sort of barriers in the windows so people wouldn’t be gawking.”

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