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Russia vows ‘to bomb Ukraine back to the 19th century’ with non-stop missiles

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    Russia will dip into its vast arsenal of missiles to relentlessly bomb Ukraine back into the 19th century, Vladimir Putin’s state TV has vowed in a chilling warning.

    Pro-Kremlin pundits have laughed off claims that Moscow is running low on missiles as pre-schools remain open round the clock so parents can make weapons through the night.

    Russian military expert Yuri Podolyaka told on state-owned Channel 1 TV that Putin should “strike until the adversary begs for mercy”.

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    He continued: "We can certainly easily, without a particular strain on the stockpile, sustain [Monday’s] level of intensity.

    “Up to 100 launches have reportedly been made so far – but Kyiv will certainly not be able to cope with it. Russia has the capacity to produce "a lot more than 10-to-20 cruise and Iskander missiles a day.

    “With Russia’s capabilities Ukraine can be turned into a 19th century country. It is already clear that the consequences for Ukraine are catastrophic.”

    He warned the attacks would last through the winter.

    “A red line has been crossed, and I think this is now obvious to everyone,” he said.

    “All European governments have promptly requested that their embassies be evacuated from Kyiv.

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    “They realise this is not just a one day event, that this will continue and that winter in Ukraine will be catastrophic."

    This week’s blitzkrieg on Ukraine has delighted pro-Putin hardliners who now believe pro-war officials are in control.

    Defence analyst, Alexander Artamonov, said Western hopes that Russia would run out of missiles would never come true.

    "They will never end," he said.

    Russia has a total of more than 5,000 Kh-31, Kh-38, Kh-55, Kh-101 and Kalibr missiles, he told viewers.

    The pro-war fanatic insisted: "It is of course necessary that strikes continue in a systematic way, given that Ukrainian society is at present, in my view, psychiatrically ill.

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    "In psychiatry, people are not given weapons. Naturally, they are treated, and naturally they should have essential benefits, but anything that can be turned into a weapon, be it a car, a knife, a gun, or some other thing must be seized.

    “So if bridges are cut and railways too are destroyed there will not be capacity to deliver troops to the frontline.”

    Putin’s relentless bombing of Ukrainian cities this week is seen as the dictator showing his wrath over an alleged Kyiv attack on the Crimean Bridge linking the annexed peninsula to the Russian mainland.

    State TV has now claimed British involvement in the blast – while providing no scrap of evidence.

    Military expert Andrei Klintsevich said: "The act of terror that took place…was prepared in advance.

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    “The load came from Bulgaria, and the secret services of England, at the very least, were probably involved to prepare all that."

    Putin said Monday's strikes inflicted massive damage on Ukrainian energy, military command and communications facilities.

    "All I know is that the strikes were delivered," he said.

    "I also know that the Russian side had warned the Ukrainians for many days and weeks, giving them time to refrain from their acts of sabotage.

    "However, they carried out an act of sabotage last Saturday at the Crimean Bridge, which is an extremely important civilian infrastructure for Russia.”


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