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Vladimir Putin ‘won’t be in charge of Russia in foreseeable future’, says source

Russia's despotic President Vladimir Putin turns 70 today (October 7) – and he might be out of power before he reaches 71.

There has been talk within Russian circles about the country's future under Putin, with many locals wanting him out due to his failing war in Ukraine.

His speech last month calling up around 300,000 new recruits saw hundreds of thousands of Russians fleeing the country – and now many are hoping Putin himself will follow.

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According to a source close to the Kremlin, who spoke to Russian opposition website Meduza: “There’s an understanding, or a wish, that he won’t be governing the state maybe in the foreseeable future.”

Despite Putin outliving Russia's own average life expectancy by around four years, political scientist Valery Solovey, former professor at Moscow's Institute of International Relations, claimed the warmonger is dying and wants to take the world with him.

Speaking on the state of Putin's health, Dr Solovey said: "The decision in principle about the use or demonstration of tactical nuclear weapons has been made.

"The question is how, when and where. I have no doubts that we will end up on the edge of death, but I know we will be able to back off. We will be able to go through this."

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Solovey went on to claim that the situation currently is closer to "nuclear apocalypse" than that of the Cuban missile crisis of 1962.

Dr Solovey continued: "The cause is the Russian president Vladimir Putin who seriously intends to demonstrate the capabilities of nuclear weapons – tactical nuclear weapons.

"Putin cannot allow himself to be defeated. He has two tools left in his sleeve – mobilisation, which he is using [and] nuclear weapons."

The political expert piled the claims higher still, alleging that Putin was suffering from "very poor psychological health", despite Kremlin officials claiming Putin is in good health.

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Political expert Solovey warned that the "state of his health is such that he has a very strong desire to take the world with him."

He continued: "The president is not able to adequately assess the situation and make proper decisions. He knows that he will pass away in a limited time – and how is it possible for the world to carry on without him?

"Why should the world exist without its genius leader Vladimir Putin? Don't be deluded, do not hope that someone in the Russian establishment will stop Putin."

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