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Charles’ ‘secret son’ wants to force King to do DNA test by filming Netflix show

A man claiming to be the secret son of King Charles III is taking his fight for justice to the biggest streaming service in the world.

Australian Simon Dorante-Day, who has repeatedly claimed to be the illegitimate son of His Majesty the King and his Queen Consort Camilla, has spent the majority of his adult life trying to prove his claim to be true.

Now he has called on streaming giants Netflix to speak to him so that he can shoot a documentary – and potentially end up with the DNA test he has longed for.

He claims he has been "inundated" with offers to take his story to the small screen.

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Speaking to Australia's 7News, the 56-year-old father-of-nine explained: “I’ve been inundated in recent weeks with many documentary filmmakers and filmmaking companies keen to share my story.

“I didn’t expect this to happen – but I’m glad it is. I’m considering their offers.

“Ultimately I would like to see my story on Netflix, or a similar streaming platform, and will approach them about doing so. I am already speaking on one person, who I trust, and is happy to act on my behalf.

“I’m taking my case through the proper legal channels, but I know that sharing my story and getting as many people aware of my claims as possible is going to be key to having Charles and Camilla address my claims.

“I want a DNA test from both of them, as ordered through proper legal means.

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“If sharing my story on Netflix or to a greater TV audience will help do that, then I say let’s do it.”

Dorante-Day says the whole argument could be settled if Prince Charles would just agree to his repeated calls for a DNA test.

The man has taken his fight to court before, but was given a not-so-welcome response from a judge.

He said: “In his final ruling last time I was before the courts, the judge told me that if I come back with the evidence all nice and neatly stamped, then there’s no reason to deny an application for a DNA test, and Charles and Camilla will have to answer that.

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“It makes no difference to me whether that mountain in front of me is male or female. It makes no difference to me how high that mountain is.

“I’ve still got to climb it to prove what I know to be true. So from that regard, nothing has changed.”

Buckingham Palace have been contacted for comment.

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