I’m the wrong type of black man for Labour, says Kwasi

Keir Starmer grilled by Nugent on Rupa Huq's comments

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The Chancellor branded the opposition party as “backward” when it comes to gender and race.

Sir Keir Starmer last week suspended his MP Rupa Huq after she called Mr Kwarteng “superficially black” at a fringe event during Labour’s annual conference.

He revealed his Ghanaian-born parents had been hurt by the views expressed by Ms Huq.

Although the MP has apologised for her comments, Mr Kwarteng claimed that they represented the mindset of the Labour Party as a whole.

He said: “There is always that element on the left where it’s okay being black if you are the right sort of black person, that you subscribe to their agenda and you like a bit of Britain-bashing and the rest of it. What drives the left crazy is seeing successful ethnic minority politicians in the Conservative Party.

“If you look at the last 10 years, the Conservative Party is much more ethnically diverse than the Labour Party and they lecture us on diversity. They lecture us on gender diversity when they have never had a female leader – we have had three female Prime Ministers.

“So, on gender, on race, on all of these things that they think they own, they are failing and are backward and the Conservative Party is much more progressive.

“Actually, Conservatism at its heart is about treating people as individuals and looking at their merits and not as part of a class or a race or agenda.

“We take individuals as they come and I think that’s what most British people do.”

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