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Zelensky’s anti-aircraft brigade shoot down SU-25 and Mi-8

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Volodymyr Zelensky’s anti-aircraft brigade has shot down two Russian aircrafts which were making an attempt to rescue a pilot, according to reports. Kyiv is working to keep up its successful round of counter-offensives while Moscow is mobilising hundreds of thousands of men in its “special military operation”.

A significant aim both for Russia’s and Ukraine’s armies has been to target the other’s ammunition and equipment stores, given the huge demand for arms and the difficulty of finding replacements.

Military experts wrote early on in the conflict this has demonstrated the “age of industrial warfare” is far from over.

Ukraine’s Operational Command “South”, quoted in Ukrinform, claimed it yesterday destroyed 13 Russian equipment and five ammunition deports in the Southern Buh region.

Its Armed Forces also claimed they killed 43 Russian soldiers.

Ukraine’s army added it destroyed two Russian aircraft which were sent to rescue a downed pilot.

It said: “The soldiers of the anti-aircraft missile brigade shot down a Russian Su-25 attack aircraft in Beryslav district, Kherson region.

“To rescue their pilot, the occupiers sent a Mi-8 helicopter which was also successfully destroyed by our anti-aircraft gunners.”

The fate of the pilot was not revealed.

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Moscow last week announced the immediate mobilisation of 300,000 reservists in Ukraine.

This was its first mobilisation since the Second World War.

Western leaders were quick to brand the decision as an admission of failure.

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The UK Ministry of Defence today added Russia could struggle sufficiently training the reservists being sent to Ukraine.

It said: “Russia will now face an administrative and logistical challenge to provide training for the troops.

“Unlike most Western armies, the Russian military provides low-level, initial training to soldiers within their designated operational units, rather than in dedicated training establishments…

“Many of the drafted troops will not have had any military experience for some years.”

The Ministry added: “The lack of military trainers, and the haste with which Russia has started the mobilisation, suggests that many of the drafted troops will deploy to the front line with minimal relevant preparation.

“They are likely to suffer a high attrition rate.”

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