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Mum slams school for serving ‘monstrosity’ of a pizza for £1.65 per slice

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A single mum has slammed her daughter's school after they served her a "sad" slice of pizza which she paid £1.65 for.

The mum branded the food a "monstrosity" and accused Thornaby Academy, in Stockton-on-Tees, of charging parents too much for meagre portions.

She uploaded an image of the "cardboard" pizza and a "tiny dessert" served to her child during lunch break.

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The parent wrote: "This monstrosity is what Thornaby Academy thinks is suitable to serve the kids at £1.65 a slice. Yet wouldn't allow my daughter with medical issues to wear her trainers, until she had a note from the musculoskeletal department.

"Costing me, a single mum of three, 100 quid for three pairs of new shoes."

Following the post, she said: "We were actually howling at how bad [the dinner] was.

"I thought 'what on earth are you feeding these kids for £1.65.

"A sad-looking slice of pizza that looks more like cardboard. People were saying 'is that a little bit of bacon on the dessert' but it isn't, it's a tiny slice of strawberry.

"They put a post on saying the dinners would be much better than last year. I keep thinking 'what delicacy are they going to come up with today?'"

The mum had already taken issue with the academy after her daughter was reprimanded for wearing the wrong shoes and ended up "in agony" due to a musculoskeletal condition.

"My child has a problem with her joints," she added. "I went in and explained to the school, I said she needs some sturdy shoes that she can put insoles in.

"They wouldn't let her wear trainers until she got a note, which was going to be a week away. A brand new pair of shoes I bought her didn't fit, they gave her blisters.

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"Not only did she have blisters, she had to wear these flat shoes because they wouldn't let her wear her Converse. It's affected her feet and hips again. The poor kid was in agony."

The mum added that the school's actions go against its welfare ethos, reports Teesside Live.

A spokesperson for Thornaby Academy, said: "The academy is disappointed to learn of a possible issue regarding its new catering supplier Mellors, as this matter had not been raised directly with the school. The academy has a clear policy on the use of mobile phones by students during the day which are not allowed.

"Thornaby Academy takes standards of school catering and compliance with food school standards seriously and will be investigating the matter in conjunction with the caterers. Mellors however, have already apologised unreservedly."

They added: "We believe that the wearing of uniform plays a valuable role in contributing to the ethos of the academy and in setting the tone for our work with students.

"We aim to ensure that our policy is fair and reasonable and that school uniform is affordable and sustainable, especially in the current financial climate."

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