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The Queen ‘never ate bread crusts’ and scoffed bananas ‘with knife and fork’

Using a knife and fork to eat a banana and not eating bread crusts were just some of the quirks of the late Queen Elizbeth II's dining habits, members of her former kitchen staff have revealed.

One of the former chefs lifting the lid on Queen's eating peculiarities and author of Eating Royally Darren McGrady, said the late Monarch did not bite into a banana "like a monkey".

Rather, the Queen would cut the top and bottom off, then slice the skin away length-ways, Daily Star previously reported.

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She would then chopped them up into small pieces before eating them with a fork.

Another of her mealtime habits was that she did not eat bread crusts which former royal chef Owen Hodgson, who worked in the palace during the 90s, learnt the hard way.

He told the Telegraph: “A chef told me off for serving the sandwiches with crusts. He then showed me how to make the perfect tuna sandwich: cutting the loaf lengthways, buttering both sides, adding the tuna-mayonnaise mixture and thinly sliced cucumber, with a crack of pepper.

"He then folded over the two lengths, removed the crusts and cut eight identical triangles. The Palace kitchen was all about the detail.”

In fact, another former chef to the Queen, Graham Newbould, revealed Her Majesty – who has not known for being a foodie – preferred to eat sandwiches that were not only without crusts but without corners also, the Daily Star previously reported.

It is believed this was due to a superstition that traces back to Queen Victoria's husband Prince Albert, who thought it was unlucky to eat coffin-shaped food.

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There is also a long-held archaic belief that anyone presenting a royal with pointed-edged food is trying to overthrow the throne of England.

However, there may be a more sentimental reason why the Queen liked circular sandwiches.

As children, the Queen and her sister, Princess Margaret, would snack on jam pennies, penny-sized circles of buttered bread with jam. And these sweet treats remained on the Royal menu during the Queen's adult years.

Darren McGrady also revealed that the Queen laid off starchy foods like potatoes, rice or pasta when eating alone, in efforts to watch her weight.

Mr McGrady said: “When she dines on her own she’s very disciplined. No starch is the rule. No potatoes, rice or pasta for dinner. Just usually something like grilled sole with vegetables and salad.”

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