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BBC Weather forecasts cooler conditions and scattered blustery showers

BBC Weather: Scattered blustery showers sweep across the UK

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The BBC weatherwoman predicted a fresher start to Friday, with dryer conditions. Ms Keith-Lucas forecasted some sunny spells and a few outbreaks of showers across the North and East of Scotland. Temperatures have been predicted to range from between 11 and 18 degrees across the UK. And strong winds are expected across Eastern parts of England.

Ms Keith-Lucas said: “It is a bit of a cooler fresher feeling day today than we’ve seen recently.

“A lot of dry weather with some Sunny Spells round, but there will be a few scattered showers too.

“We’ve got the winds coming in from North or northwesterly directions today.

“So that’s bringing some scattered showers across the North and East of Scotland.

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Ms Keith-Lucas added: “Particularly down the East coast of England, East Anglia and the South East.

“One or two this morning further West too, but they will tend to ease as we head through the day.

“So with that wind direction, it is going to feel quite chilly today for Northern and Eastern Scotland.

“11 or 12 degrees and down the East coast of England as well, typically about 12 to 15 degrees here.

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BBC Weather: Cooler and dryer conditions forecast

Ms Keith Lucas said: “But feeling a little cooler when you add on the wind chill and those scattered showers, some of them quite sharp in the East too.

“But elsewhere temperatures typically between about 14 to 18 degrees, the warmest weather today, across the South-West of England and Wales.

“Moving through this evening then, clear skies in many areas and still some scattered blustery showers and strong winds still across parts of Eastern Scotland and Eastern England but still clearer skies elsewhere.

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Ms Keith-Lucas added: “If you are heading into the capital to pay your respects to the Queen laying in state over the next few days, typically 16 to 17 degrees by day.

“But it will feel chilly overnight, some of the coldest nights that we’ve seen for quite a while within the next few nights in fact.

“Now high pressure is going to be sitting out towards the West, and low pressure in the East.

“So we’ve still got those blustery brisk winds around but not quite as strong as we head into the early hours of Saturday morning.”

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