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TV schedules have changed during the nation period of mourning

New TV schedules are in effect following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The monarch passed away on September 8 at her beloved Scottish home of Balmoral Castle at the age of 96, making Prince Charles the new ruling monarch under the new title King Charles III.

This eventuality has been prepared for by the media for years now, with guidance on what to do being written up in Operation London Bridge.

Penned by the Queen herself and ministers, it outlines the course of action during the national period of mourning.

This will last for 17 days, with the Queen’s funeral taking likely taking place on Monday, September, as reported by the BBC.

The broadcaster has already upheaved its scheduled programming, with many shows postponed or delayed indefinitely.

Here is everything you need to know about TV during the mourning period.

What is the new TV schedule?

TV channels are only airing content that is deemed appropriate following the Queen’s death.

Yesterday (September 8), BBC One and Two aired simultaneous content from BBC News, while ITV cancelled a number of shows.

For the BBC, this continues across September 9, with the channel completely taken over by BBC News.

BBC Two on the other hand will air BBC One’s usual content and both BBC Three and BBC Four will start airing at 7pm.

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Scheduling on BBC One will return to normal on Saturday, with the usual line-up of shows being broadcast, except for one notable exception.

All comedy on the BBC has been axed for the mourning period, which other channels following suit.

From 9pm, Channel 4 will resume its usual broadcasting, with Gogglebox and The Last Leg will scheduled to go ahead.

There are news specials airing throughout the day though as the situation continues to develop.

ITV continued to broadcast rolling news coverage but will return to its usual programming on September 10.

Will TV schedules change during the Queen’s funeral?

The date for the Queen’s funeral has not been set, though some reports suggest it could take place on Monday, September 19.

This will be considered the national day of mourning, and broadcasters are once again expected to have rolling coverage of the event.

As the date hasn’t been officially confirmed, it is unknown how TV schedules will change for it.

The most likely scenario is that BBC One and ITV will have a day’s worth of news coverage, while BBC Two will air BBC One’s scheduled content.

Channel 4 will likely have news specials listed throughout the day.

How to watch the proclamation of King Charles III

King Charles III will be officially proclaimed King this weekend.

The Accession Council will take place at St James's Palace at 10am on Saturday, September 10.

This meeting has always taken place behind closed doors, but for the first time in history, it will be televised for the public to see.

The TV channel covering the event has not been confirmed, but the one that does will change its schedule again to accommodate it.

This article will be updated when the broadcaster is confirmed.


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