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Three dismembered bodies found on a bridge amid cartel killing spree

The remains of three dismembered men were exhibited on a bridge in a city that has now witnessed more than 1,300 gang-related executions during 2022.

Gruesome deaths have become commonplace in troubled Tijuana on the Mexican-US border, as cartels fight for control of the lucrative local drug market.

In the first week of September, alone, there have been 33 executions across the city, including 20 homicides over the weekend, according to State Investigation Agency data.

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The latest brutal act of violence saw the remains of the three dismembered bodies displayed on the Rosas Magallon Bypass "Yellow Bridge", where they were chillingly stacked on top of one another in the early hours of Monday morning.

Some witnesses to the ghastly sight went on to share photographs and video footage on social media platforms, while police, the National Guard and the Mexican Army have all visited the scene but no arrests have been made.

The bodies were dumped just a matter of metres away from the spot where a massacred woman's body was found hanging from a pedestrian bridge last Thursday.

Her corpse also had a terrifying note attached to it that appeared to be glorifying gang war.

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The woman was wearing a strapless green blouse, with the following words written on a piece of cloth: "Welcome to the art of war. Keep trying scumbags."

Her body also bore multiple stab wounds and she is believed to have been aged between 35 and 40, with online news blog outlet Borderland Beat reporting that she had a dark complexion and dark brown hair.

A total of 159 women have now been murdered this year, including 16 during August.

In June, 15 people lost their lives as decapitated heads and charred corpses were discovered across several neighbourhoods of Tijuana during little more than a day of horrific cartel killings.


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