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Urban explorer finds ‘Get out save yourselves’ written on ‘demon house’ in woods

An urban explorer discovered an eerie warning hidden inside a "demon house" deep within the woods in the North West of England.

Daniel Sims, who goes by Beardedreality on YouTube, was in for a surprise when he set foot into the small abandoned cottage hidden deep within the woods of Mere Brow, outside of Southport.

Far from the normal fare of broken glass and abandoned photos, Daniel found strange "demonic" markings plastered across the walls which the Youtuber described as the "demon house", the Liverpool Echo reports.

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At the start of the video, Daniel is confronted with an old blue car that looks past its sell by date, with rust hanging off every corner and all of the windows missing.

The house partially hidden under a canopy of leaves and branches forced Daniel to enter through one of the back doors.

In the kitchen, nothing seemed out of the ordinary until Daniel saw "he used the knife out of this kitchen" written upon the door.

After navigating through the hallway past broken chairs and discarded books before stepping into what seems to be a child's room with a hidden cupboard and the words "leave this house now" written in red ink on the walls.


Daniel then entered what he described as the "paranormal room" the largest room in the house. On the door, Daniel spotted "get out save yourselves or you will end up like me" written upon on it.

He then navigates the camera into the corner of the room and were the number 13 is written all over the wall.

There was also a huge chunk of plaster missing from the main wall making a near-perfect circle.

Off to the left-hand side there was a list of different parts of the human anatomy on the wall including brains and intestines.

However Daniel seemed undeterred by the experience after leaving the building he said: "What a creepy little place, I guess it is a demon house".

Viewers were left shocked by Daniel's discovery as they took to the comment section to share their opinions on where it came from.

One user said: "What a freaky place this is."

Another added: "Should go back in the night also did it feel creepy when you were in there?"

A third user who claims to have done some research on the area said: "LHCB most likely stands for Large Hadron Collider Beauty (CERN) and HBBB as abv. of Hybrid Bernstein Branch&Bound which is a mathematical algorithm…

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"Further, no. 13 written all over the place in some cultures represents the death of all matter.

"CERN does experiment with matter and antimatter. May be just a coincidence, but there must be more clues around. Anyway, it'd make a good storyline for a horror movie."

The news comes after daredevils Matthew Williams and Martin Gavin were picking their way through a buried network of Victorian alleyways when they discovered a hidden cannabis farm.

The veteran 'urbexers' both have YouTube channels where they upload footage of their claustrophobic adventures. Matthew's is called TheSecretVault, while Martin's is Explore With Gav.

Matthew would not divulge where they snuck underground but potential clues to the location are censored throughout the 20-minute recording.

However, close analysis of the footage reveals it to be under the Lawrence Hill area of Bristol.


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