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Met Office issues new ‘danger to life’ weather warnings in three UK regions

Three UK regions have been put on alert for floods by the Met Office amid warnings lives could be in danger.

Northern England, Northern Ireland, and the south west of Scotland are all blanketed under the warnings in place for much of today.

Forecasters fears periods of heavy rain could cause homes to be flooded and create disruption on roads, rail and bus services.

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The Met Office said: “Areas of heavy rain are expected to pulse northwards across much of Northern Ireland and the south west of Scotland through Saturday, potentially accompanied by thunderstorms.”

Eastern England also faces being drenched by “lively” showers.

Brighter spells are expected either side of the heavy rain and conditions will feel humid, with temperatures into the low 20Cs in most places.

The wet weather is being driven by low pressure that is pushing into Britain from the Atlantic.

It is feared it could result in more widespread storms, rain and gales across the UK from next week.

Met Office meteorologist Alex Deakin added: “While the summer has been dominated by high pressure, we are seeing big changes for this weekend. Low pressure will dominate through the weekend and into next week.”


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