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Bonking couple shaken after carjacking thugs drag them naked into street

A couple's romantic "drive" was ruined when a group of thugs carjacked them and left them naked in the street.

The bizarre scene was caught on street security camera in Brazil on August 17 when the randy pair were having sex in a white car.

Video, which only surfaced on social media yesterday, shows a trio of criminals approaching a parked vehicle in the well-lit street at around 9.12pm.

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They take a quick look to check if there's anyone in the car and knock on the window before dragging the naked couple out of the car.

They are left in the street while the thugs get in the car and ready to drive off, but the woman turns back, appearing to ask for her clothes.

The crook throws their clothes onto the road and they speed off in the vehicle.

Shaken by the incident, the young couple can then be seen hastily putting their clothes back on as the footage ends.

It is currently unclear if the criminals were apprehended or if the victims, whose identities remain unknown, have filed a complaint with the authorities.

Last week, a couple were filmed performing a sex act at the top of the stands during an a baseball game between the Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners at RingCentral Coliseum in California.

Footage taken from across the ballpark appears to show that the couple were building up to their brazen bonking as earlier clips appeared to show the woman's head in the man's crotch region.

Police released on Thursday (September 1) a photo of the couple who are believed to be the persons of interest in the clip.

According to the Oakland Police Department, the couple, who if found to have committed the crime of a lewd act in public, could face six months jail time and a $1,000 (£857) fine.


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