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Putin’s mouthpiece warns Biden ‘hundreds of coffins to go back’

Russia is ready for 'big, colossal war' says Gurulyov in June

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Russian military experts have openly talked up theories for striking out at the United States in a bid to convince Washington to abandon support for Ukraine. Pundits on state-controlled television on Tuesday fantasised about Joe Biden” getting [hundreds of] caskets, draped in stars and stripes flags.”

Military pundit Viktor Olevich told the Russian-state-owned channel: “Subversive actions are already taking place within the Russian Federation, in Moscow. We already have casualties. There is no doubt that we may witness certain events on the territory of third countries, not just Ukraine. Definitely.”

Co-host Ivan Trushkin added: “Pardon my fantasy, but what if some Pentagon official, who was responsible for handling Ukraine, chokes on a cherry pit? Would that help to stop subversive activities on our territory?”

 “They most likely won’t stop, but with time, tit-for-tat actions could change the situation. I just wouldn’t count on it having an immediate effect,” responded Olevich.

Host Andrey Norkin continued: “Everyone is carefully dropping hints over here… but last Saturday’s CNN report said that all the processes happening in Ukraine are being crafted and directed only by Washington—not that anyone ever doubted it.”


Trushkin argued that “the American handlers” needed to be convinced that operations to curb Russian actions in Ukraine were pointless. 

He surmised, “As long as there are powers outside of Ukraine, willing to send people, give them weapons, fill their heads with radical information, it seems to me that we will be unable to attain a total victory.”

State Duma member Alexander Kazakov added: “Within the next two weeks, if five SBU (Security Service of Ukraine) colonels and one CIA colonel were to perish by any means—ran over by a car, fell out of a window, got shot, died in an explosion—in America, Europe or elsewhere, will that change anything in terms of the terror directed at us? Nothing… Of course, it would be cool to see the five SBU Colonels die, but how effective would that be?”

CIS Countries Institute’s Igor Shishkin argued otherwise: “It has to come back to bite them and doesn’t have to be limited to some Colonel falling out of the window. Americans have plenty of agencies and bases, located in hot spots, where something could fly over to that base and cause several dozen or hundreds of coffins to go back to the United States. If they start getting caskets, draped in stars and stripes flags, after every terrorist act they’ve authorized, it will finally force them to think.”

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The Russian military is suffering manpower shortages as it battles Ukraine and is seeking to recruit contract service members and may even draw in convicted criminals, a US official said on Wednesday, citing US intelligence.

Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a decree last Thursday to increase the size of Russia’s armed forces from 1.9 million to 2.04 million as the war in Ukraine enters its seventh month.

Moscow has not revealed any losses in the conflict since its first weeks, but Western officials and the Kyiv government say they number in the thousands.


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“The Russian military is suffering from severe manpower shortages in Ukraine,” the US official said, speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the downgraded intelligence.

The official said it is believed that the Russian defense ministry is seeking to recruit contract service members to make up for these personnel shortages, “including by compelling wounded soldiers to re-enter combat, acquiring personnel from private security companies, and paying bonuses to conscripts.”

“Separately, we have credible reporting that Russia’s Defense Ministry is also likely to begin recruiting convicted criminals in Ukraine in exchange for pardons and financial compensation,” the official said.


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