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OAP nearly drowns after sea turtle locks jaws on her bum in terrifying ordeal

An OAP has revealed her horror after she was attacked by a sea turtle that left her thinking she would drown.

Lidia Bazarova, 64, was no more than 12ft from shore when the beast swam up behind her and bit her on the bum and tried to drag her further into the water.

“I wasn’t expecting anything, I was really close to shore – some 3 or 4 metres – when I just turned onto my back and lay like this.

“Then something grabbed my backside.

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“It was really scary.

“I didn’t know what it was that suddenly grabbed me."

She had been swimming at the Güzeolaba beach resort in Antalya, western Turkey when the terrifying attack came.

“I was beating about the water with my arms, I was drowning.

“The creature let me go only to grab me with an even stronger bite.

“I don’t know how long it lasted.”

She said she made enough of a commotion to get the attention of people who were eventually able to help.

"Luckily a rescuer man saw me.

“He rushed to me and started to yell at [the creature].

“I guess it switched attention to the rescuer.”

Her saviour, named as Mustafa Sarı, was able to beat the sea monster back while she bolted for the shore. It is understood the rescuer managed to get the turtle to back off.

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“I raced towards the shore,” said Lidia.

“I don’t know how he was, but his arm is broken.

“I was fighting my pain and my fear.

“Morally it was awful.”

Her bum was hurt in the attack, picking up nasty swelling and bruising from the animal’s powerful jaws and making it hard for her to sit comfortably afterwards.

She said she had swum at the same spot in Güzeolaba each day, but that from now on she wouldn't be rushing back to that particular bit of water any time soon.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get back in the sea,” she told IHA news agency.

Called Caretta Caretta, or loggerhead sea turtles, the carnivorous beasts can be as heavy as a cow.

Lidia’s daughter Kamila, said: “We thank the lifeguard,” said Kamila.

“Without him, maybe the result would have been bad.

“There were similar cases before.

“It bit a woman and a man before my mother.

“We want a warning posted about this danger.

“It is terrible that we will no longer go into the sea.”


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