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UK’s oldest man has shared the truth to his impressive age

John Tinniswood is the UK’s oldest man, and tomorrow (August 26) he will be receiving his 10th birthday card from the Queen.

He was born on August 26, 1912, which was the same year that the Titanic set off on its fateful voyage.

John has lived through two world wars, seen 24 prime minister’s take office, witnessed the technological rise of the 20th century and seen the internet change the world.

"Electricity is the thing that actually changed everything, changed people's lives, as well as the introduction of radio," John said.

He has lived an incredible life, and he has offered some insight on how he’s managed to reach an age few of us will see.

Now living at Hollies Rest Home in Southport, he has taken a practical view on the often-dreaded ageing process.

Who is the UK’s oldest man?

John Tinniswood is a father of one, grandfather of four and a great-grandfather.

He has been a lifelong Liverpool FC fan and spent most of his working life as a depot clerk and accountant for Shell-Mex and BP.

His career actually started around the Second World War, when problems with his eyesight meant he was given an administrative role with the Royal Mail during the conflict.

In 1942, he married Blodwen, with the pair welcoming their only child into the world, Susan, soon after.

Their marriage lasted for 44 years until Blodwen passed away in 1986.

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Katie Howard, who works at Hollies Rest Home, said: "John is such a gentleman; he's a humble person, mild-mannered and calm with a good sense of humour. You wouldn't think he was a 109 at all – he's so young at heart.

"He's still got great, long-term memory and loves to chat as well as listening to the news on the radio and reading the newspapers.”

She also revealed one of John’s favourite meals, the British staple fish and chips.

Last year, Katie continued: "He still loves his fish and chips on a Friday so we'll be having that this week to celebrate."

What has the UK’s oldest man said about his age?

When he turned 109, John revealed that there was no big secret behind his age, but rather sensible living.

When asked how he feels about his age: "Just like the wind and the rain: it happens.”

He also gave some advice for people that are hoping to live so long, saying: "One word… moderation. Don't eat too much. Don't drink too much. Try and keep yourself fit."

John has always taken care of himself, enjoying regular exercise.

In his younger days, he used to be a member of a rambler’s society, and he even enjoys a walk now whenever he can.

Even though his mobility isn’t what it used to be, he said: "Swinging your legs about is good exercise. Each day, swinging the left foot and the right."

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