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Ukraine LIVE: ‘Our task is to finish Putin’ Russian exile vows death of hated dictator

Ukraine has become Putin’s ‘nightmare scenario’ says Dannatt

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Ilya Ponomarev, a former Russian lawmaker who was exiled over his anti-Kremlin positions, has vowed to “finish off” President Putin. Mr Ponomarev was exiled from Russia after being the only member of the state Duma to vote against annexing Crimea in 2014 and in recent months has turned his attention to turning Russian opinion against the war. Speaking to independent Russian media outlet Meduza, he said: “I believe that I’ve been in Russia since February 24, because since then we don’t have state borders, we have the front line. When I’ll be in Moscow I don’t know, but I think [I’ll be there] before you because the first to arrive will be those who will hold weapons in their hands. And now our task is to finish off Putin. I think it will end with our victory and the physical death of Vladimir Putin. I think it will end with the destruction of the Russian Federation and the creation of a new republic.”


Putin braces for a major Ukrainian counterattack

Vladimir Putin is braced for a major Ukrainian counterattack in the Donbas as Russian troops struggle with a shortage of munitions, vehicles and personnel, according to the British Ministry of Defence. 

Wednesday’s briefing said: “Today marks the 31st anniversary of Ukraine’s independence.

“Since 2014 President Putin has sought to use a mix of force and coercive diplomacy to increase and solidify Russia’s influence in Ukraine and interfere in its sovereign affairs.

“Russia launched a full invasion of Ukraine six months ago, with the aim of toppling the government and occupying most of the country.

“By April, Russia’s leaders realised this had failed, and reverted to more modest objectives in eastern and southern Ukraine.

“The Donbas offensive is making minimal progress and Russia anticipates a major Ukrainian counterattack.

“Operationally, Russia is suffering from shortages of munitions, vehicles and personnel.

“Morale is poor in many parts of its military and its army is significantly degraded.

“Its diplomatic power has been diminished and its long-term economic outlook is bleak.

“Six months in and Russia’s war has proven both costly and strategically harmful.”

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