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Putin’s alarming bid to boost war morale among children unveiled in Moscow

Russia: Large flag unveiled in Moscow for National Flag Day

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President Vladimir Putin has delivered a chilling speech to mark Russia’s National Flag Day, a celebration of the 1991 defeat of an attempted Communist hardliner coup.

In a display of patriotism, officials unfurled the largest national flag in Russia across the steps of Moscow’s victory museum.

President Putin seized the opportunity to rally the Russian people in support of the Kremlin as he preached the importance of the population’s “responsibility for the future of the motherland” in his video address.

In a new bid to ensure “patriotism and citizenship” among the younger generation, the Russian President announced a new weekly ceremony that schoolchildren will be forced to participate in.

In his speech to the nation, President Putin said: “The Russian flag, like the unfading red Banner of Victory, serves to educate the younger generation about the values of patriotism, citizenship and responsibility for the future of the Motherland.”

The Banner of Victory referred to by the Vladimir Putin is the Soviet flag used in World War Two to mark victory over Nazi Germany

President Putin continued: “From 1st September of this year, in all schools of the country, the school week will begin with a solemn ceremony of raising the flag and singing the anthem.”

The new flag raising ceremony declared by the Kremlin targets young children across Russia, ensuring loyal and patriotic values are instilled in the next generation.

While the Russian President did not explicitly reference the Kremlin’s invasion of Ukraine within his address, he did speak of the significance of the Russian flag in celebrating and inspiring military efforts.

President Putin said: “I am confident that Russia’s national flag will always remain a sacred symbol for all generations of our citizens. 

“It will inspire them to military glory, professional achievements and new heights in science, culture and sports. 

“It will make them proud of their Motherland.”

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The Russian President added: “The desire to live according to one’s will, to choose one’s own path and follow it, has become part of the genetic code of our people.

“Russia is a strong, independent world power.

“We are firm in pursuing in the international arena only those policies that meet the fundamental interests of the Motherland.”

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The flag ceremony comes just two days before Ukraine is set to mark exactly six months since Russia invaded.

President Putin has repeatedly used national holidays to praise the strength of Russia’s armed forces and reflect on their historical victory over Nazi Germany in the Second World War.

In February, Putin officially declared Russia would launch a “special military operation” against Ukraine in order to “denazify” the country and bring the nation under Kremlin control.

As reports suggest morale is steadily fading in Russia as the war drags on, President Putin has again echoed a national reminder of the horrors of World War Two on National Flag Day in a bid to draw the country together.

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