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Aldi mistakes mum for shoplifter then offers her £5 voucher as an apology

A mum branded a thief by her local Aldi while she did her weekly shop has been offered a £5 voucher as an offer of goodwill.

Felisa Sanchez had been doing her shop at the Duncan Road, Gillingham, branch, whereKentOnlinereports she had been a customer for many years, when she was stopped by security.

Two members of staff told her she had been caught stealing on CCTV – in front of other customers the 43-year-old was made to leave her shopping in a basket and leave the premises.

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Felisa was also banned from the shop.

The mum of one then returned with her husband, Chris Harris, to complain to the store’s top brass.

Once she got back she sent the CEO of Aldi a message to complain further, to which in response she got a £5 voucher.

The voucher said it could be spent in any Aldi store. She said it was an “insult”.

Speaking to KentOnline she said: She said: "It really doesn't cut it. I have been using the shop for years and now I was being accused of shoplifting with no proof. I have never been in trouble before.

"I go there because it's cheap, but after that I won't be going back again."

Aldi’s customer service department has reportedly since investigated and been offered a £100 voucher and removed the ban.

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Felisa received an email from Aldi last Thursday, saying: "The area manager has investigated this incident and we understand that an error was made by the store. I am very sorry for this and for any inconvenience this has caused.

"I can also confirm no ban is in place and we really hope you will continue shopping with us.

"Please be assured we take all incidents of this nature extremely seriously and we will take action to ensure this never happens again. The area manager will deal with this incident accordingly.

"We hope you will accept our sincere apology on behalf of the store, however, a face-to-face apology can also be arranged if you would find this more suitable to ensure your shopping experience in store is more comfortable going forward.

"We would like you to visit our store again, and therefore hope you will accept a £100 Aldi store voucher as a gesture of goodwill for any inconvenience caused."

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Ms Sanchez said: "We normally spend about £20 a week, so we'll be stocking up the freezer.

"I'm pleased this has proved I was right all along and they had made a mistake.

"But I'm not sure I'll be shopping at that branch again.

"To call me a thief has had an impact on me."

The Daily Star has approached Aldi for comment.


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