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Ukraine LIVE: Putin mocked by MoD as humiliating tank losses blamed on ‘inept’ Kremlin

Ukraine: Vladimir Putin exposes own weakness with mistakes

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A daily report posted by the MoD on August 19 revealed that Russia has failed to correct a decades-old “culture” of neglecting reactive armour technology, causing heavy losses in Ukraine. The report said the armour, known as ERA, “degrades the effectiveness of incoming projectiles before they hit the tank”. The MoD added that Moscow has a history of “poor ERA use”, which it traced back to the First Chechen War of 1994. Russian ineptitude has placed the invading forces in further jeopardy, as the report cites “numerous failures” by Russian commanders to “enforce low-level battle discipline”, leading to “poor performance of Russia’s forces”. The Russian army has suffered humiliating losses since the invasion began in February, with Kyiv able to kill 44,000 soldiers and destroy 1,800 tanks.


  • MoD report outlines high-level failures cost Russia 1,800 tanks 07:53
  • MoD report outlines high-level failures cost Russia 1,800 tanks

    Russian top brass failed to correct a decades-old culture that has caused the country devastating losses in Ukraine. 

    In a new report, officials from the MoD outlined the military has neglected its tanks by not outfitting them with explosive reactive armour technology.

    Known officially as ERA, the technology allows the vehicles to “degrade the effectiveness” of incoming projectiles, but the Kremlin has failed to implement it since the First Chechen War of 1994. 

    The MoD’s report also blamed “numerous failures by Russian commanders” for poor performance in Ukraine, as Kyiv estimates they have lost 44,000 soldiers and 1,800 tanks. 

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