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Ukrainian pensioner gets medal for taking out Russian fighter jet with a rifle

An old Ukrainian bloke has been awarded a medal after single-handedly taking down a Russian fighter jet with just his rifle.

The State Border Service of Ukraine described Valeriy Fedorovych as a "pensioner" today (Friday, August 19) when they announced he had been awarded a medal "for assistance in the protection of the state border".

Fedorovych reportedly pulled off the heroics in Chernihiv in March, when the northern city was being bombarded by Vladimir Putin's forces.

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The plane he managed to down was a Russian Su-34 fighter, a twin-engine medium-range bomber.

Today's statement from Ukrainian officials read: "In March, when the Russian occupiers continuously bombarded Chernihiv, pensioner Valery Fedorovych took his rifle and opened fire.

"The enemy fighter Su-34 was targeted and destroyed. The plane fell, and our hero received the medal 'For assistance in the protection of the state border'."

They did not disclose his exact age.

Ukrainian officials also interviewed Fedorovych in a short video, discussing what happened on the day.

He appeared with his rifle slung over his shoulder, walking through the rubble of buildings destroyed by Russian shelling in Chernihiv.

Amazingly, there is even supposed footage of the moment the Su-34 came falling out of the sky. People can be heard clapping and shouting excitedly in the background.

Fedorovych says in the interview: "On the second lap, how did it go? I went 'bang' with my rifle, and it was like 'bang.' And it [the plane] came down."

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Fedorovych isn't the first Ukrainian pensioner to single-handedly take out a fearsome Russian military vehicle.

In February Valentin Didkovskiy, 64, made headlines after destroying a tank with a grenade launcher, earning himself the nickname "fighting grandfather".

He told Radio Free Europe: "It stopped, and I fired a grenade launcher. When I hit it everything was on fire."


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