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Queens guard kicks ‘disrespectful’ tourist’s shoes after they got in the way

A Queen's guard has been filmed kicking a 'disrespectful' tourist's shoes out of the way after they didn't remove them has sparked outrage among TikTok viewers.

In the clip shared by @busk1976, one of the two guards is heard shouting "make way" to a group of tourists who are sitting in their path as they walked across the courtyard at the Tower of London.

While they did move, one of them forgot to pick up their shoes, prompting the guard to kick them out of the way.

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However, the group seemed to find it hilarious as they were heard chuckling, with one brazenly saying, "Arrest me, sir," as they walked away.

The video, which gained more than 16,800 likes, has since sparked criticism of the tourist as the public has dubbed them "disrespectful" and "embarrassing."

One user commented: "The absolute arrogance of the guy on the floor. It’s almost embarrassing."

A second added: "They saw them coming and still didn't move. Afraid you move not the guards. No respect for them they are trained soldiers."

A third wrote: "You know, I know, we all know, that soldier loved kicking those shoes…"

A fourth said: "Trained soldiers get out of their way, lucky you weren't kicked."

The Daily Star has contacted the Ministry of Defence for a comment regarding the clip.

Last month, a shocked tourist has vowed never to return to London after seeing a woman be screamed at by a member of the Queen's guard, but British TikTok users agreed that she was in the wrong.

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The video, which was shared by Ethan (@_phigs), shows his blonde step-mum moving to stand next to the soldier who was mounted on top of a tall black horse outside of Buckingham Palace after waiting in line to pose for a photo.

But while she was posing for a picture, she reached over to grab the horse's reins, making the animal visibly nervous.


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