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Quadriplegic girlfriend killer who tried to take own life died of sepsis

A man who killed his girlfriend has died after his efforts to take his own life left him a quadriplegic and eventually saw him succumb to sepsis.

Cherie Vize, 25, was stabbed five times in the neck by Michael Quinn while in his front garden in Wollongong, New South Wales.

He killed her in July 2013 after which he tried to slit his own spinal cord in an effort to take his own life.

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On April 1, 2020, the 31-year-old succumbed to his injuries while he served a prison stretch of up to 20 years. He eventually passed away at the Prince of Wales Hospital, Sydney.

He had been found guilty of the killing of Ms Vize by a judge-only court in 2016.

Quinn was due for release in 2035, The Mirror reports.

The Sydney Morning Heraldreported Quinn died of natural causes following an announcement on Wednesday.

Following Quinn’s trial, which took a month to complete, Supreme Court Justice Robert Beech-Jones said: "Ms Vize was a peaceful person. Her passing has caused much sadness to her family and friends."

The court heard Quinn had had a violent reaction to news Vize had met someone else on an online dating site – the two had had an on and off relationship until then.

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Speaking at the time, justice Beech-Jones said: “I am satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that, at least from the time the accused obtained a knife from the kitchen, he not only intended to deliberately stab Ms Vize, he also intended to kill himself”.

A Coroner's Court has now said that the events that led to Quinn’s imprisonment were "both tragic and traumatic".

Deputy State Coroner Carmel Forbes, who informed the local press of his cause of death, said: “The cause of his death was sepsis.

“The underlying conditions were urosepsis and pneumonia as a result of C3 incomplete tetraplegia.”

When imprisoned Quinn had incomplete quadriplegia, obesity, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Later on, he was also found to have sleep apnoea, osteoporosis, severe spasticity and often developed urinary tract infections.


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