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Mischievous monkey steals phone and dials 911 – leading to police storming zoo

Police responding to a 911 call were shocked when they found out who had made it – a monkey.

Deputies from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office in California, US, were sent out to investigate after an emergency call disconnected on Saturday night (August 13).

Dispatchers repeatedly tried to phone the number back and contact the caller via text, all to no avail.

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The address the call came from led the police to Zoo to You, a facility in nearby Paso Robles that provides "a permanent, loving home for displaced, abused, abandoned or permanently injured wild and exotic animals", according to its website.

People can also book experiences at Zoo to You to have close-up encounters with the animals.

When they arrived there was initially confusion as no one at the zoo had contacted the emergency services. Then it dawned on staff that a Capuchin monkey called Route must have been responsible.

A statement on Facebook from the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's Office read: "Apparently, Route had picked up the zoo's cell phone… which was in the zoo's golf cart… which is used to travel around the zoo's 40 acre site.

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"We're told Capuchin monkeys are very inquisitive and will grab anything and everything and just start pushing buttons.

"And that's what Route did… just so happened it was in the right combination of numbers to call us."

Sharing some adorable photos of Route, the statement added: "As you can tell from these photos, Route is a little embarrassed by the whole thing. But you can't really blame her, after all monkey see, monkey do."


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