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BBC Weather: Kirkwood warns heavy rain outbreaks and thunder to sweep across the country

BBC Weather: UK set for outbreaks of rain and winds

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Carol Kirkwood said: “In the next few days sunny spells will be on the cards, with some rain for some of us.

“And you can see this morning we have got some light and patchy rain coming in from the West.

“This is a weather front, and just one or two showers dotted around elsewhere.

“So what’s happening is we’ve got this clutch of weather fronts coming in from the Atlantic, and they’re going to be pushing steadily southwards and eastwards.

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Ms Kirkwood added: “But they’re not going to get into the far southeast, where it will be largely dry today despite the odd shower.

“It will remain fairly cloudy across Scotland, northwest England, Wales, and into the southwest as well.

“As this rain moves through further south, central and eastern parts of England we are looking at some sunshine.

“Just one or two showers and behind the band of rain in Scotland and Northern Ireland, we will see further showers.

UK weather: Threat of thunderstorms continues

Ms Kirkwood said: “Temperatures today ranging from 15C in the North to 25C in the South.

“So temperatures are up a little bit on yesterday, we’ve got a change of wind direction, it’s more of a Westerly or a South Westerly.

“And now by the time we get to tomorrow morning what you will find is that it’s still going to be muggy across the far South.

“And it will be fresher in the North, and through tomorrow we lose our weather front.


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Ms Kirkwood added: “It will be crossing us as a weak feature overnight.

“Low-pressure dominants and you can see from the isobars, we’re looking at brisk winds across the North of the country.

“So for Friday, there goes the rain, a lot of dry weather, a fair bit of sunshine hanging around.

“But we will have showers from the word go in Western Scotland and the West of Northern Ireland, and through the course of the day, they will develop more widely.

“And some of them could be more heavy, you make even hear the odd rumble of thunder.”


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