‘No evidence it’s true!’ Dr Shola slapped down in fierce Sky News row on Donald Trump

r Shola slapped down in fierce Sky News row on Donald Trump

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Political activist Dr Shola clashed with US commentator Scottie Nell Hughes in a bitter row on Sky News. The pair had been set to discuss the recent FBI search of former American president Donald Trump’s home, before the debate spiralled into a heated argument. Dr Shola accused Mr Trump of being a “lying cheat” after the politician denounced the FBI as “corrupt” following the search. Ms Hughes hit back, claiming that the FBI had no “evidence” against the former president and that security authorities were certain to face “major backlash.”

Speaking on Sky News, Dr Shola gave her assessment of the FBI’s decision to issue Donald Trump with a court-approved warrant and search his Palm Beach home.

Dr Shola said: “The lies are only coming from one side.

“The lies are coming from the lying cheat Donald Trump and the liar party the Republicans.

“They are trying to undermine law enforcement, they are not speaking the truth.”

Ms Hughes shook her head in disapproval as Dr Shola spoke, appearing at times to break into a smirk of laughter. 

She responded: “If it was all about transparency, and I respect Shola’s passion about it, I wish there was evidence to back up what she is saying as true.

“We don’t know and that’s a week later, we still do not know what the FBI was looking for, what they found. 

“After months of the Trump campaign working with the FBI, why did they decide to do this raid?”

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Ms Hughes added: “We still don’t know what they were looking for or what they are going after. 

“But, whatever they were looking for they didn’t find, otherwise you would see a press conference on the front steps, in front of the Hoover building, showing all of the evidence.

“You’re not seeing it, hence why you’re seeing this major backlash.”

The FBI has so far declined to release additional details of the warrant which allowed for the search to be conducted and have not confirmed the contents of the items seized from Mr Trump’s home.

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The debate grew fiercer, with both guests interrupting one another, before host Niall Paterson was forced to cut them off as the segment drew to a close.

As he thanked both of them for appearing on the show, he added: “Never before have I been more thankful for the Atlantic.”

Eleven sets of classified files were reportedly recovered from Mr Trump’s Florida home as part of an investigation into the handling of government records.

Mr Trump condemned the FBI in a statement which read: “[The] unannounced raid on my home was not necessary or appropriate.”

He added: “Such an assault could only take place in broken, Third-World countries. Sadly, America has now become one of those countries, corrupt at a level not seen before.”

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