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Ex-adult star Lisa Ann’s apartment ‘stormed by armed police’ after death threats

Former porn star Lisa Ann has opened up on the year of torment she faced after quitting the adult industry when she was harassed by stalkers at her home.

Lisa now works in sports broadcasting and hosts podcasts since quitting porn for good in 2014, but the New York native developed a celebrity presence when she starred in widely shared X-rated films as a young adult.

But, while Lisa Ann’s success during the 90s made her internationally famous, the enormous level of exposure also meant she was the victim of abuse from trolls.

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Shortly after quitting the industry, Lisa was the victim of a doxxing scandal, where her private details were shared online, and she told the Swerve City podcast how this even resulted in her calling armed police storming her apartment.

“That bled over into producers and people that had all of my contact information from my model releases releasing everything about me on the internet,” she remembered.

“My drivers licence number, my social, my mother’s maiden name, where my parents live, everything about my entire life was shared with the world.

“I started getting death threats on a regular basis, my family got harassed to the point I do not have a relationship with my family anymore.”

One night, Lisa remembered, the threats had even become so horrific that she had been forced to call the police, after believing that a stranger had got into her apartment.

“I hit the panic [button] on the alarm, I go to my kitchen, I get a knife… it was New Year’s Eve and the cops came in no time, like five minutes,” she continued.

“They all come storming into my place, guns drawn, I have four floors so one crew’s going up one way, one crew’s on the main floor, one crew’s going downstairs…”

But, with the police sweeping her apartment, Lisa Ann remembered that she had a huge cardboard cutout of Shaquille O’Neal that she used to prank people when they came to her place.

“I was like, ‘there’s a cutout of Shaquille O’Neal down there!” she yelled, laughing at the unfortunate realisation.

So, after calling off the search, Lisa recalled how she was lectured by the police about how the threats were connected to the backlash she had been receiving online.

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“He said, ‘I’m going to tell you what’s going to happen right now, can you handle mental warfare?’" she said.

“He goes, ‘nobody’s going to hurt you because people don’t toy with you to hurt you, they just come and they hurt you, if somebody wanted to hurt you they’d have been in your house and they wouldn’t have called you, they would have just come down to your house and killed you'.

“It was a year of absolute torture… It was horrifying, it made me a shut in. I got rid of my studio apartment in New York, moved back to LA, and just didn’t leave other than to go to the gym for a year of my life.”

During the same podcast episode, Lisa also addressed the scenes she had filmed during her time as a porn star, and admitted that she had often felt “paranoid” while shooting popular “step-mum” scenes.


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