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Prince William ‘deliberately’ broke royal rules with Euros hugs, says expert

A royal expert has claimed that Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, intentionally broke a royal rule during the final of the women's Euros on Sunday.

The famous football fan was giving out medals to England’s victorious Lionesses after their victory over Germany when he gave the winners hugs.

OK!reports that 40-year-old William bypassed royal protocol with the embraces due to the family’s tendency to maintain a cool distance from their subjects.

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A senior royal making physical contact with the general public is not something you see every day, but one royal expert reckons his actions were very deliberate.

Former royal butler Grant Harrold told OK!: “Historically, there was a rule with royals that you could look but you couldn’t touch. If you met a royal, you could look at them and if they offered you a handshake, you were to accept it.

“That was a lot to do with the mystique surrounding the family but also for security reasons, too.”

Grant believes that seeing the president of the FA William dishing out hugs was a sign of a more modern version of the monarchy.

“I think William and the other younger royals have realised that they can’t get away with being aloof,” he said.

“The Queen can get away with it because she’s the Queen and she’s from a different era, but the younger royals have been brought up very differently.”

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Grant thinks that his close relationship with his mother, the late Princess Diana, was a big reason why William isn’t afraid of making a personal connection like this with people.

He said: “Diana was a hugger and I think that this physical contact and hugging people has a lot to do with how William was raised.

“It won’t feel unnatural to William – if anything, it’d feel more uncomfortable if it was just a strict handshake. As well as this, seeing royals hug makes them relevant and modern.

“As he does more work and gets to grips with his role, he wants people to see the real him which is why we’ve seen a lot more affection recently.

“He’s really eased into his role.”


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