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Horror clip shows bouncers kneeling on Brit’s neck as dad dies in Magaluf

This is the horrifying moment a Brit dad-of-two is allegedly knelt on by bouncers, and then police, after an apparent attack from them on a night out in Magaluf.

Tobias White, 35 and from Nottingham, died in Son Llatzer Hospital in Majorca on Sunday (July 31), five days after being admitted to intensive care following an incident at Boomerang Nightclub.

Tobias' heart stopped twice at the scene as he went into cardiac arrest. Videos show paramedics and police desperately trying to revive him.

He was later put into a medically induced coma but doctors couldn't halt his deteriorating condition.

Police say they received a report of an assault on a bouncer.

Tobias' brother Maximillian White, a medical cannabis millionaire who wasn't in Boomerang at the time, claims witnesses say Tobias had gone to retrieve his t-shirt and was told his belongings had been put away.

He was then allegedly "grabbed him from behind" by a bouncer while waiting at the bar, initially resisting as he didn't know who it was, and then badly beaten by bouncers.

His heartbroken family has vowed to "hold those responsible to account".

Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, eyewitnesses claimed bouncers wrestled Tobias to the ground, kneeling on top of him and handcuffing him. Members of the Guardia Civil are then alleged to have rushed in, dragged him outside and done similarly.

This horrifying ordeal is said to have lasted for around an hour.

One eyewitness who wished to remain anonymous told us: "The bouncer gave a left hook to the guy, he went down, there was a struggle, and they were just viciously beating him up on the floor.

"They moved him to a position where there was about six bouncers on top of him at the bottom of the stairs. They mopped up the blood when they were moving him.

"Then the police came down, took him outside, held him down and restrained him."

Jamie Hanlon, 21, said: "When I looked up there was four bouncers holding him. They couldn’t make him stay still but he wasn’t in anyway resisting, he was just like 'chill out'.

"The next thing you know, the four bouncers were headbutting him, kicking, punching him. Even when he was on the floor they were kneeling on his neck, they were still hitting him.

"The police came along and started battering him straight away, like six of them were battering him."

A Spanish friend of Tobias and Maximillian, who had been out with them but left with Maximillian before Tobias headed to the club, recalled rushing to the scene and begging the Guardia Civil for it to stop.

"The Guardia were too rough, it was unnecessary force. It was like George Floyd in America," he said.

He also visited Tobias in hospital, who was allegedly handcuffed to a bed with two police officers guarding him at all times, and claimed that after a few days police wanted to release him from custody.

The Spanish pal added: "They didn’t want someone to die in police custody. That’s what it sounded like to me."

Imogen Hadi, 18, had been speaking to Tobias' girlfriend earlier in the night when working as a shot girl at another venue.

She went out after work and bumped into them at Boomerang before the chaos unfolded.

Imogen claimed bouncers "hit" Tobias whilst he was pinned down in the club, and that she had to hold Tobias' girlfriend back while police outside were doing similarly.

Several witnesses have told the Daily Star police were beating up tourists with bats whilst Tobias was on the ground outside.

Maximillian told us that his brother died peacefully in his arms on Sunday, although before then there had allegedly been issues with police not allowing his family to see him.

He said: "You’ve seen the George Floyd thing, they had their knee on his neck for 10 minutes and he died. They had eight of them sat on him [Tobias] for one hour.

"They didn’t even know what had happened. They just ran straight in and took him out.

"You don’t need eight people to sit on you when you're handcuffed. It was over a t-shirt."

Tobias leaves behind two daughters – Jasmine, four, and Poppy, 11 months.

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A police spokesperson said: "We are investigating the death of a British man who died at Son Llatzer Hospital on Sunday five days after being admitted to intensive care following an incident at a club in Magaluf."

The spokesperson also confirmed Tobias had been under police guard in hospital ahead of an anticipated court appearance on suspicion of assault if he had survived.

The police added: "Officers responded to an incident at a nightclub in Magaluf in the early hours of last Tuesday morning where a client had allegedly head-butted a bouncer after he asked him to put his top on.

"That client, a well-built British man, was still acting very aggressively when officers arrived and he had to be restrained using appropriate force by four or five responders for his own safety and that of others around him. He was harming himself, hitting his head against the floor, biting and acting very violently."

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office said in a statement: “We are supporting the family of a British man who has died in Mallorca and are in contact with the local authorities."

Grosvenor Law, the London-based firm the family have hired, said on their behalf: "We are stricken with grief at the tragic and sudden loss of Tobias – beloved son, brother, father, uncle and friend.

"Tobias’ family will ensure that a full and thorough independent investigation is carried out into the circumstances of his death. Legal actions will be brought in Spain and in the UK.

"Those responsible for his injuries will be held to account. The police and medical practitioners will be asked for full transparency. No effort will be spared in achieving justice for Tobias.

"We thank you for all of your support."

The Daily Star has approached Magaluf Club Pass, which runs Boomerang, for comment.

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