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BBC Weather: Mercury ‘well above expected’ ahead of stormy conditions next week

BBC Weather: UK forecast warm temperatures and showers

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BBC Weather’s Matt Taylor forecasts tropical weather to hit the UK in the coming days with “muggy” conditions bringing a mixture of 29C heat and rain. Heavy showers moving in from the Atlantic are set to lash parts of the country over the weekend, while southern and eastern areas will be hot and humid, forecasters say. He said: “Going into the afternoon it will become dry.

“Quite warm out there and the reason it’s warm even with the cloud, on the southern edge of the band of cloud, we’re bringing that air in.

“Temperatures are well above where we would normally expect.

“In the south, we’re expected to see highs of 28C but even with the cloud elsewhere, temperatures are widely into the 20s.

“It will be largely clear tonight. More rain to come across England and Wales but it will be a pretty warm night at 16C to 18C.

“Fresher to the northern side of this weather front as we start Sunday.”

He added: “Monday starts off dry, bright and sunny. A few mist and fog patches around.

“There could be some drizzle across southern counties but the focus of the rain will be across Northern Ireland and later into northwest Wales.”

Thunderstorms may rumble before temperatures push into the high 20s from Monday.

BBC Weather: UK set for highs of 28 degrees

It comes as the first hosepipe ban of the year is to come into force following the recent heatwave and one of the driest starts to the year on record.

Southern Water is to impose the temporary use ban on its customers in Hampshire and the Isle of Wight from Friday August 5.

This will mean hosepipes cannot be used to water gardens or clean cars, and ornamental ponds and swimming pools must not be filled.

The restriction is the first to be put in place in the region since 2012, although the company stressed there is “no direct risk to customer water supply”.


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Alison Hoyle, director of risk and compliance at Southern Water, said river flows are down 25 percent as a result of one of the driest years on record.

She added that, as well as the reduced supply, the hot weather has led to an increased demand for water.

Dr Hoyle said: “We haven’t taken this decision lightly and we know the temporary use ban will have an impact on our customers.

“We’re working with the Environment Agency to ensure that we act responsibly to protect our environment.”

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