‘We’re f***ed’ BBC presenter Chris Packham launches scathing rant about Sunak and Truss

David Davis forced to defend Tory leadership debate

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The BBC presenter and conservationist said he had “never shouted so much at a TV in my life” after watching last night’s special programme with Liz Truss and Rishi Sunak, exclaiming: “We’re ****** and we don’t even have a say in it”. He asked of the corporation: “Why is this wretched fiasco on BBC One?”

The two competitors to become the next Conservative leader faced off against each other in the first of two live TV debates on Monday night. Tonight, a second will take place on Talk TV.

The Foreign Secretary and the former chancellor took turns trashing each other’s radically different economic plans for if they take over from Boris Johnson as PM in September.

Mr Sunak claimed there was “nothing Conservative” about Ms Truss’s pledge to increase borrowing and cut taxes, saying that it would give the Tories “absolutely no chance” in the next general election.

But Ms Truss shot back that her rival would lead Britain into a recession and criticised the former Chancellor for raising taxes to their highest levels in 70 years.

Mr Sunak has stated throughout his campaign that he is in favour of tax cuts, but only after bringing inflation under control. Ms Truss, meanwhile, has said that tax cuts would decrease inflation.

On the subject of China, the Foreign Secretary accused her former cabinet colleague of “pushing for closer trade relationships”.

Mr Sunak said Ms Truss had “been on a journey” to get to a point where she opposes closer ties.

Mr Sunak also sought to stress his decision to quit Mr Johnson’s government as a sign he acts according to his principles while Ms Truss stressed her loyalty to her current boss.

But climate campaigners have voiced their outrage that the publicly-funded broadcaster devoted a handful of minutes to the climate crisis, just weeks after the UK smouldered in a record heatwave.

Presenter Sophie Raworth asked the two candidates what members of the public should do to help tackle climate change faster.

Mr Sunak responded that people should start by “reducing energy usage through things like better energy efficiency”.

He also praised the role of recycling, and called for a “focus on innovation”.

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Ms Truss similarly suggested conserving resources, as well as utilising new technologies such as electric vehicles and insulation.

The Foreign Secretary noted her pledge to lift green energy levies to bring home energy bills down, but said she would look for “better ways to deliver our net-zero commitments”.

Writing on Twitter, Mr Packham reacted: “We’re ****** and we don’t even have a say in it – none of us.

“So why is this wretched fiasco on BBC One? Democracy? There’s none. We are being brutalised by buffoons.

“We so need system change now. We are in trouble – big, big trouble.”

The Beeb’s badger boffin added: “My throat is sore. I’ve never, ever shouted so much at a TV in all my life.

“The poodles left the kitchen. And sanity, integrity and hope left with them. Hopeless. Literally. The world is actually dying and they’re still in the playground.”

Responding to his tirade, Labour MP Barry Sheerman described the BBC show as an “awful undemocratic travesty”.

@markbishopuk replied: “Impartial BBC, again” – though it is unclear whether he was referring to Mr Packham’s remarks or the debate.

Meanwhile, @eagle44 told the nature programme presenter to “stick to wildlife”.

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