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‘Maximum danger’ Xi Jinping’s Taiwan invasion has ‘already begun’ with threats to Pelosi

Taiwan: Expert details how China's 'invasion plan' has begun

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US Congressman Mike Gallagher has called on the Joe Biden Administration to face the Chinese regime straight on and respond to Chinese intimidation ahead of Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. Amid Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Taiwan – an independent country Xi Jinping’s communist regime has long coveted – is growing concerned about a potential Chinese invasion. Nancy Pelosi could cancel her trip to Taiwan scheduled for August, as Xi Jinping’s spokesperson warned China would “take strong measures to resolutely respond and counteract.”

Despite the serious warnings, Republican Congressman Mike Gallagher believes Speaker Pelosi should make the trip in a show of support to Taiwan.

He told Fox News: “If we’re too afraid to allow Congressional delegations as the Taiwan Travel Act explicitly calls for – it calls for increasing interaction between the leadership of all levels in both countries.

“If we’re too afraid to let that small thing happen, how are we ever going to expedite arms sales to Taiwan?

“For all this worry about, you know, when will Xi Jinping start an invasion of Taiwan, will he do it, I would submit to you that this is part of the invasion plan.

“In some meaningful respect, it’s already begun by trying to coerce us, by trying to get us to be afraid and lose our will to defend Taiwan.”

Rep. Gallagher said: “That’s how they hope to achieve their objectives – potentially without fighting.

“I believe we are entering the window of maximum danger. I think the danger escalates starting in January in 2024 when the Taiwanese will hold an election.

“In that same year, we will obviously be consumed with our own presidential election, potentially distracted.

“I think we’re in the danger zone right now. We need to move heaven and earth to learn the lessons of Ukraine and arm the Taiwanese before it’s too late. It’s going to be very hard to resupply them geographically when and if the invasion occurs.”

“But I think it’s wishful, naïve thinking to think that Xi Jinping is suddenly going to abandon his life-long ambition of taking Taiwan just because we show the other cheek, or we invite them to a summit in Davos or COP26,” Rep. Gallagher said.

“The Biden Administration needs to get tough. They need to get moving. And we all need to support the defence of Taiwan before it’s too late.”

China has been ratcheting up military presence and activity around Taiwan in recent months in an effort to pressure the democratically elected Government to accept Chinese sovereignty.

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Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-Wen, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of Taiwan’s armed forces, has shown no sign of backing down, as she boarded a warship to watch a live-air and naval drill simulating the response to an attack by China’s People’s Liberation (PLA).

In a clear sign of defiance towards Xi Jinping’s China, it was only the second President Ing-Wen boarded a warship to observe a drill since she took office in 2016.

Fears are mounting that Taiwan may not be able to respond by itself as its 88,000 troops would fight against the PLA’s 1 million ground force personnel if China were to invade the country.

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