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Delta Aquariids meteor shower is visible in the sky now – but it’s about to peak

Amateur astronomers around the world are currently enjoying the Delta Aquariids meteor shower, which kicked off earlier this month.

It is also visible in the UK, depending on weather conditions and the time you head out to see it.

This is one of the more mysterious showers for the Earth, as scientists are still unclear on its origins.

It promises to be one of the most spectacular cosmic events you can see this year and it is naturally accessible to anyone.

Best seen through the naked eye, there is little stopping you from heading out into the dead of night and seeing the sky light up.

What is the Delta Aquariids meteor shower?

Meteor showers are caused by multiple objects in space streaking across the sky in a spectacular blaze.

This happens when the Earth passes through the orbit of another cosmic body and its ejecta is caught in our planets gravitational pull.

The meteors then appear to originate from a single point in the sky, known as a radiant.

Surprisingly, the origins of this cosmic body are not fully understood, though scientists believe the four-mile-wide comet 96P/Machholz is the cause.

When is the Delta Aquariids meteor shower?

The Delta Aquariids meteor shower is a yearly event, always taking place around mid-July to late-August.

As for 2022, it kicked off on July 12 and will end on August 23, with the peak about to hit.

The peak is predicted to take place on July 30, stretching into the morning of August 1.

How to see the Delta Aquariids meteor shower?

The Delta Aquariids meteor shower can be best seen in the curtain of twilight, around 3.30am each day.

It is recommended to head out at 2am to catch a glimpse, so prepare yourself for a short night's sleep the day you decide to see it.

Make sure you check the forecast before doing so too, as it if it overcast it will be very difficult to see the meteors.

There is no need to worry about expensive equipment either, as in the right conditions the naked eye will be the best tool you have.

Take a blanket or chair with you and relax, as the showers will last for multiple hours throughout the night.

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