Boris MUST be included on Tory ballot to decide who next PM is, Brexiteer demands

James Whale says Boris Johnson should still be PM

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The outgoing Prime Minister resigned on July 7 after a wave of resignations from Tory MPs. After weeks of the contest, only Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss remain in the race to succeed Mr Johnson.

However, GB News’ Dan Wootton said Tory party members must be allowed to have a vote on whether Mr Johnson stays on as Prime Minister.

He suggested grassroots members are “rising up to express their immense displeasure at the brutal Westminster coup” against the former Tory leader.

Mr Wootton also noted party donor Lord Cruddas has promised “to pump his money, not into the party coffers, but rather the campaign to save BoJo”.

He then added: “The chances of the so-called Boris ballot campaign succeeding remain remote but, if members are denied the chance to vote on whether Boris should have been dumped, the damage to the Tories could last for a generation.”

Writing for the Daily Mail, Mr Wootton also referenced reports from the Sunday Times, where MPs in former Red Wall seats have been “inundated” with “furious” emails from voters about Mr Johnson resigning.

He then said: “It’s been abundantly obvious for months that the only victor in Tory MPs undermining a democratic landslide vote to depose a historic PM after less than three years is the coalition of hell of Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNPs and the Greens being plotted by Keir Starmer his puppet master Tony Blair.”

Mr Wootton also added: “Even though I believe Liz Truss would make an excellent leader, I am convinced Conservative members must be allowed to vote on whether the Prime Minister’s ouster was the wrong decision in a so-called Boris ballot.

“If political parties believe they are at the behest of Westminster insiders and the toxic mainstream broadcast media, rather than the people, then our very system of democracy is under threat.

“The Tories ignore thousands of furious members at their peril.”

It comes after Express.co.uk learnt the number of signatories for the ‘Put Boris on the Ballot’ petition has now risen from 2,000 to 12,000 Tory members.

Claire Bullivant, editor of the Conservative Post and one of the petition organisers, said: “We don’t have a Prime Minister problem. We have a huge media problem.

“How can 60 herd-like MPs oust Boris? They fell for the biased media’s tricks. It’s undemocratic and the people must have their say. Let’s get Boris on the ballot.”


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Mr Johnson reportedly told Tory Peer Lord Cruddas that he “does not want to resign” and wishes he could “wipe away his departure”.

Mr Johnson told the former treasurer at Chequers over lunch on Friday that he “wants to fight the next general election as leader of the Conservative Party”, according to The Telegraph.

Lord Cruddas said: “There was no ambiguity in Boris’s views. He definitely does not want to resign. He wants to carry on and he believes that, with the membership behind him, he can.”

The Prime Minister also reportedly told Lord Cruddas that if there was a General Election tomorrow, he would win the election.

He added: “He has taken inspiration from my campaign. He hopes that there will be a way for him to stay on as Prime Minister and he believes that the Conservative Party will be making a big mistake if they ignore the wishes of its membership.”

David Bull, former Brexit Party MEP and current deputy leader of Reform UK, believes the Tories have “shot themselves in the foot” by offering its members a choice between Ms Truss and Mr Sunak.

Mr Bull, now a presenter on TalkTV, warned: “Boris Johnson is in the wings. There is definite skullduggery going on and that Bring Back Boris petition is over 20,000 signatures now.

“I spoke to David Bannerman, the former Tory MEP, who is heading up that petition last week, and make no mistake, they mean real business.”

He also added: “What Boris Johnson wants I think is for whoever takes over to fail miserably at the next general election and then he will ride in rather like Winston Churchill did.”

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