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Bullet pulled from ‘miracle’ monkey’s body after it was attacked by stray dogs

A miracle monkey, which was found with a bullet inside its body after being attacked by a pack of stray dogs, is recovering after surgery.

The monkey, which was rescued in Cherukuwada in East Godavari district, India, on Wednesday, is believed to have fallen from a tree after being hit by the bullet.

After its fall, the unfortunate simian was then set upon by a pack of stray dogs.

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Locals rushed the monkey to a pet care centre in Bhimavaram where the bullet was found in its body, and it was treated for the injuries caused by the dogs.

Locals blamed the stray bullet on people guarding fish ponds, who they say use airguns to scare away birds – and believe one of them might have fired at the monkey.

Teja, a veterinary doctor in Bhimavaram, who was treating the monkey when he found the bullet wound in its body, said he believed bird hunters who use airguns might have accidentally shot at the monkey.

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He added that the monkey’s health condition was stable after surgery.

The Bhimavaram monkey isn't an isolated incident of simians being accidentally shot.

The Daily Star recently reported on a monkey, which got caught up in the cross-fire of a cartel shootout, which was killed by a stray bullet.

Baffled police, who had stormed a cartel hideout, found the monkey wearing a bulletproof vest among the dead.

The gun battle between police and gang members left 11 criminals and one spider monkey dead, as well as two cops injured.

Images of the tiny gangster went viral online, and many social media users at first thought they must be fake but authorities confirmed the pictures to be genuine.

The monkey was photographed wearing a combat vest and a mini khaki hoodie, whilst lying flat on its back with its paws in the air.

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