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BBC Weather: Schools holidays facing wet start as thunderstorms set for this afternoon

BBC Weather: UK set for cloudier conditions

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BBC Weather forecaster Matt Taylor predicted temperatures ranging between 16 degrees and 23 degrees. Mr Taylpr forecasted breezier conditions over the weekend, with Sunday being the coolest day of the week. Lots of cloud and sunny spells are expected in Northern Ireland, but in the South of the country and the Channel Islands thunderstorms may set in. Mr Taylor predicted warm humid nights in parts of West England.

Mr Taylor said: “There’s going to be a bit more rain around, especially to the North and West of the country.

“The breeze is picking up, but increasingly muggy and had it not been for this week gone Id probably say quite hot in the South East corner.

“But actually it is going to be pretty warm, especially as we go into Sunday.

“Today though, coolest day of the week, but with temperatures close to average, already got some rain around through the Midlands, parts of Northern England.

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Mr Taylor added: “A few splashes of rain just out to the far West, but today will clear away.

“And in fact parts of Northern Ireland, Northern Scotland are having some of the driest brightest conditions today.

“Lots of cloud across the UK, there will be some sunny spells and a few hail showers.

“And actually a few thunderstorms will break out into the afternoon.

UK weather: Met Office issues yellow warning for thunderstorms

Mr Taylor said: “Not so for the Channel Islands, parts of Devon and Cornwall later should see some sunshine here.

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Mr Taylor added: “Cooler than it has been all week, but closer to where it should be for July.

“Winds like today winds a like tonight, they’re actually coming from a southerly direction.

“So whilst the showers clear and rain pushes into the far West, later on, we’re going to see temperatures left.

“It’s going to be quite a warm and humid night, increasingly so towards the South East corner and this weekend increasingly muggy.”


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