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Man who was ‘still pumped from the gym’ leaves young kid with broken bones

A man has been jailed for three years for causing a child to sustain a fractured rib and three bruises.

Matthew Sutor, 33, initially claimed the injuries had been caused by accident.

However, concerns were raised over Sutors behaviour, and a paediatrician's examination of the child caused suspicion over the nature of the injuries.

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A court heard when Sutor had hurt the child, who cannot be named for legal reasons, he had recently gone to the gym and still felt "pumped".

Sutor eventually admitted two counts of assault and occasioning actual bodily harm. He had no previous convictions before the incident, Wales Online reports.

A doctor found three bruises on the child, including a 5cm bruise to the inner side of the right knee, a 2.5cm bruise on the outer side of the left knee, and a 2.5cm on the outer side of the right knee.

Meanwhile a CT scan shows the child had suffered a rib fracture, caused in a separate event, which had evidence of healing.

Sutor had let slip to a friend he caused the kid's injuries, and South Wales Police eventually got wind of the abuse in August 2021.

Tabitha Walker, prosecuting, said Sutor accepted he had "squeezed" the child "really hard", causing the youngster to "let out a high-pitched scream".

She said: "He said the squeeze was a short sharp burst but was really hard."

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Ms. Walker also said the defendant claimed he may have been rough with the child as he had been to the gym and was 'still pumped'.

However, it is understood the bruises and fractured rib did not occur in one incident.

Ms. Walker explained: "They were sustained on separate occasions using excessive force and would have caused excessive pain and discomfort which could not have been caused accidentally."

The court understood Sutor was dealing with stress at the time of the assault and had been going through both financial difficulty and marital issues.

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In a victim personal statement, the child’s mother called the defendant’s actions 'inexcusable' and said they caused her to 'cry uncontrollably every day'.

Adam Sharp, defending, said Sutor had worked all of his adult life and had no previous convictions.

While he admitted there was 'no excuse' for the defendant's actions, he argued the issue could be dealt with in the community and that a prison sentence may cause Suton to lose his job.

Sentencing, Recorder Paul Hobson said: "To your everlasting shame you sought to blame [a child] for one of the incidents where it was you who assaulted [the victim] and caused him injury.

"You will carry that shame for the rest of your life."


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