‘He was a clown!’ German officials celebrate Boris’ fall as EU plots Brexit stitch-up

UK's Labour is ready to 'get Brexit done' says German official

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Nils Schmid, who is a leading figure inside the ruling German Social Democratic Party (SPD), mocked Boris Johnson as a “clown” as he delighted in his fall from power. Speaking to DW, Mr Schmid said German and European Union officials hoped that the resignation of Mr Johnson would spark a major compromise in EU-UK relations from the next leader. This comes as Mr Johnson has agreed to step down on Thursday after several high-profile members of his cabinet resigned.

Mr Schmid even came out to back Sir Keir Starmer as the one person who could salvage EU-UK relations.

The SPD parliamentary group’s spokesperson for foreign affairs said: “We need some serious and honest politics to get back to Whitehall and Downing Street.

“This is very good news for British democracy.

“The Conservative party can now return to serious politics and we can hope for a better relationship between the UK and EU.”

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Mr Schmid urged a “fundamental shift” in Britain’s attitude towards the European Union.

He explained: “We have been considered as the main scapegoat but a closer UK-EU relationship can improve the living standards of the average Briton.

“A fresh start can only come from the Labour Party, our sister party. We hope they can win the next general election

“The British Government should have a more sober, more rational attitude toward the EU.

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“Labour is ready to get Brexit done without giving up on a working relationship with the EU and questions over Northern Ireland can be solved on that basis.

“It will be much easier than Boris Johnson.”

When asked how the news was received in Brussels and Berlin, Mr Schmid simply said: “Openly, I must say he has been regarded as a clown in Europe.”


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Many in Europe regarded the news as a sign of hope.

The EU’s former Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier remarked that this may be the beginning of a new chapter for the EU and UK.

He tweeted: “More respectful of commitments made, in particular regarding peace & stability in Northern Ireland, more friendly, more constructive.”

Bernd Lange, a German MEP and chair of the European parliament’s trade committee, added: “Finally. End of an undignified spectacle.

“Boris Johnson was all about maintaining power and his own ego. Now, British theatrical thunder should end.”

Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire also ridiculed Mr Johnson’s legacy as a failure, adding that he personally would not miss the PM.


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