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OnlyFans star’s stalker threatened to ‘chop her up’ and held knives outside home

An OnlyFans model has revealed that one of her customers began to stalk her.

They discovered her address, sent her explicit messages, and then threatened her with knives.

YouTube star Tana Mongeau has gained notoriety on the app – earning more than $10 million (over £8m) on the site since May 2020.

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But while she has made a sizeable profit from the X-rated site, the model claims it has a dark side after revealing her content has resulted in her gaining a stalker.

Speaking on the Bradley Martyn Raw Talk podcast, she said: “Right now, I have a full-blown stalker from OnlyFans.

“Like, a guy who found our house, started sending videos of him with knives outside of our house.

“He was sending me videos of his d**k — scariest d**k I’ve ever seen in my life — I shouldn’t say that because he’s going to chop me up.

“Anything I can say is just really mean … I feel like I’m borderline body-shaming.”

Concerned for her safety, Tana has employed a full-time security service at her home to protect her from any unwanted visitor.

According to Dexerto, stalking is a growing issue that women with a following, regardless of the platform, have to deal with.

In June 2022, Twitch streamer Amouranth revealed that her stalker had been arrested after trying to break into her home.

Tana has been one of the most popular women on the internet for a long time.

She started to blow up on YouTube shortly after she first started her channel in 2015 and now, at the time of writing, she has amassed over 5 million subscribers and millions more across other platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

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In other OnlyFans news, a teacher has been left fuming after her racy OnlyFans account was unearthed and got her the sack.

Sarah Seales who goes by Sarah Juree on social media, hit out at a local news website in Indiana, US, after it exposed how she topped up her teacher's salary at home.

According to Real News Michiana, Sarah's former employer DoD STARBASE, terminated her contract on June 27 due to her snaps 'putting its reputation at risk'.

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