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Elle Brooke slams Love Island star who ‘no one knows’ after boxing call out

OnlyFans sensation Elle Brooke has hit out at a former Love Island contestant after the ITV reality star offered to box her.

The adult performer turned down AJ Bunker’s offer of a televised punch-up, telling her “no one knows who you are” and “you were on Love Island for five minutes”.

Elle was due to fight rival OnlyFans star Astrid Wett in a huge showdown on July 16 but Astrid pulled out after disagreements over drug tests and safety.

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She also labelled the event a “freakshow” and pointed to a very odd press conference that saw Elle bring a coffin containing a blow up doll of Astrid onto the stage.

Blonde bombshell Elle then took to TikTok to call out “excuses” as to why nobody would fight her – including her being “on steroids” and looking “like a man”.

But Elle announced she was looking for another fight, AJ – who lasted only six days in the villa – told Elle she could box against her instead.

When the adult legend turned down the offer AJ slammed her motivations and said: “I guess you’re just doing it for the money and the exposure then and not for the love of the sport you keep going on about.

“You’ve been begging for an opponent… yet you won’t take anything offered to you.”

But porn star Elle was quick to hit back and responded: “Of course I love the sport, but the fight still has to make sense.

“No one knows who you are, so how are they meant to get excited?”

Elle is still searching for someone else to fight on July 16 and has been spotted training with IBF bantamweight world champion Ebanie 'Blonde Bomber' Bridges and former European heavyweight champion Derek Chisora.

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Speaking to the Thaboxingvoice YouTube channel earlier this month about Astrid pulling out, Elle said: "She's pulled out, she claimed a multitude of things.

"She basically claimed I was on roids – these abs are 100% natural, it's just my body type and hard work.

"She also feared for her safety, but no one's watching our boxing for our Mike Tyson uppercuts, they are watching for the drama.

"Someone has to sell this fight, so your excuses are invalid."


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