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Florida pastor charged with performing sex act on himself on Starbucks patio

A religious leader has been arrested in Florida this week for exposing himself outside a Starbucks – for the second time.

Enginio Dali Muniz-Colon, a pastor in Kissimmee who teaches online ministry classes, reportedly undid his trousers and started masturbating on the patio of the coffee shop, close to its drive-thru counter.

It’s the second time Muniz-Colon, 39, was arrested for the same offence in the same location, according to a police report. Police have asked that anyone who has witnessed similar incidents to call the sheriff's office.

On Monday June 27, detectives with the Special Victims Unit found probable cause to charge Muniz-Colon with exposure of sexual organs.

The Christian pastor was arrested and transported to the Osceola County Jail where he was held on a $1,000 bond.

He’s now understood to have paid the bond.

Muniz-Colon had been arrested under similar circumstances on May 9.

There may be something in the water in Florida. St Petersburg as a woman Vanessa Lee Jones was completely naked when she was arrested while thoroughly enjoying herself outside a chicken shop in the town.

That was also her second offence. According to the St Petersburg police arrest paperwork, Jones, 38, showed no sign of being drunk or under the influence of drugs, and there was no evidence of mental health issues.

But despite Florida’s best efforts, the all-time record for public masturbation must go to Oregon man Andrew Frey, who was was tasered 'multiple times' but continued to touch himself throughout a bizarre confrontation with police.

The Oregonian reported in January 2020 that Frey had unzipped his trousers and started masturbating at the bar of a restaurant called Iggy’s. By the time police deputies arrived Frey had taken the party from the bar to the Gents, but was still apparently taking delight in his body.

A deputy asked him to stop, buy Frey declined, and according to deputy resisted arrest. The deputy drew his Taser and zapped Frey several times but the weapon had no effect.

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