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Mum-of-two’s corpse was cut out of 27ft python after she was eaten alive

It has been exactly four years since a woman was swallowed whole by a giant snake – but her story is still one that shocks internet users the world over.

Mother-of-two Wa Tiba was 54-years-old when her body was discovered inside a given 23 foot-long snake in Indonesia.

Her corpse was covered in slime, and was only found once the swelling body of the snake was opened up – and of course it was caught on video.

The alarm was raised when Wa failed to return home after she went out to do some gardening one afternoon in June 2018.

Wa’s sons made the chilling discovery after spotting the killer python with a giant bulging belly barely able to move on the ground, just metres away from a patch of bushes where her sandals were found.

Her head was towards the snake’s tail with her feet close to its mouth, showing she had horrifyingly been swallowed head first.

The stomach-churning incident left residents of the remote village in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia, terrified for their lives at the time.

Eye-witness Ayu Kartika said: “Everyone was crying, everybody was shocked. The poor woman. This is like a horror movie. People are terrified.

“We are scared to go outside. We can only pray for safety.”

The disturbing footage showed Wa still dressed in her brown leggings and dark red top at the time she was devoured whole, in Mabolu Village in the Logia Regency of Muna province.

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Police chief Agung Ramos said: “People took the snake into the village and started splitting the snake.

“The suspicions were true and there was a body in tact inside the snake.

“Unfortunately the victim was lifeless.”

Wa was later given a traditional burial ceremony.

Giant pythons attacking humans is not new, and according to Cornell University Professor Dr. Harry W. Greene, it can take around one hour for a human to be swallowed whole.

He added there would be no way of humans saving themselves once the attack has started.

The expert said, in 2017 to USA Today: “It would be extremely difficult for me to save my life without help – it wouldn't take very long and it would be awful.

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“A person's body would be digested by the snake's stomach acid.”

A recent United States government report claimed that fatal attacks such as the one suffered by Wa Tiba could happen in America.

The report stated: “We cannot categorically rule out the possibility of a fatal attack.

“In suburban areas and parks in Florida that contain ponds, canals or other bodies of water where large snakes could feel at home, the situation is likely similar to that experienced with alligators: attacks are improbable but possible in any locality where the animals are present and people are also present.

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“The simplest and most sure-fire way to reduce the risk of human fatalities is to avoid interacting with a large constrictor.”

While there have been fatal attacks since the one suffered by Wa Tiba four years ago, not has quite captured the world like hers did – and nothing has gone as viral on social media, either.

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